Now Reading: How Kim Kardashian Supporting A Israeli Brand is Problematic As Hell


How Kim Kardashian Supporting A Israeli Brand is Problematic As Hell

September 20, 20183 min read

Kim Kardashian West is literally a fever we can’t shake off. Although she has been “canceled” dozens of times, she still manages to make the trending page every few days. Recently, West is under scandal for collaborating and endorsing an Israeli sunglasses brand in support of the Apartheid State. There have been quite a few responses that shine a negative light on this in support of the BDS (Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions) movement meant to combat Israel until they meet the standards and regulations by the United Nations.

Since 1948, Israel has slowly been oppressing and cleansing the Palestinian natives, especially on the Gaza strip. Palestinians are treated as second-class citizens who cannot get the same education, water source or even walk on the same roads as the Israelites. The IDF soldiers pick on, rape and shoot on youth and abuse their power, just because they can.

Kardashian West is more than likely aware of the Palestinian oppression, having been there in 2016 and probably reading headlines on children being shot during the Great March of Return. Nonetheless, she has joined Bar Rafaeli in becoming the face of Carolina Lemke glasses. The deal includes advertisement and a promotional tour throughout Israel. Comments on social media have brought up the point that through her father’s Armenian ancestry, Kim would have been targeted and prosecuted by the Turks back in World War 1 and would currently be under oppression by the Israeli Government.

There is a double standard between her vocality towards the Armenian Genocide and the silence of Palestinian ethnic cleansing, as Israel does not even acknowledge the Armenian Genocide happened and tosses all claims to the side. When the Turks were slaughtering Armenians, Palestine welcomed them with open arms as a refuge. However, when Israel invaded, the rescued Armenians were then subjected to the same treatment as the Palestinians. Today, the Armenian Quarter of Jerusalem is still being heavily maltreated and many youth living there would compare their way of life as second or even third class citizens beneath the Israelites. Kardashian’s part in normalizing the illegal state is not only detrimental to Palestine but is also a slap in the face to her father’s ancestry, the Armenian Christians who were persecuted not too long ago.

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