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How To Prepare For Firefly Music Festival

June 15, 20184 min read

Firefly is hands down one of the most popular music festivals on the East coast. Thousands attend yearly and anticipate their return to The Woodlands.

The countdown is over, Firefly returns this weekend! So how exactly can you prepare for Firefly? Well, Firefly is a very unique festival, the lineup is always super diverse and the camping experience is unmatched. Here are some ways you can prepare if it’s your first year or seventh.

1. Get Familiar With The Music

The best part about music festivals is that there’s so much variety in the artists that you find yourself sometimes conflicted about who to see! Another perk is that you get to discover new music; last year I was able to discover new amazing artists like James TW.

This year Firefly will feature Logic, SZA, Kendrick Lamar, The Killers and more.

In order to really enjoy the festival, you should try to get familiar with some of the acts, so you can sing along and dance to their music! It will also prepare and get you super hyped up for the weekend.

2. Prepare Your Stomach

The amount of food Firefly has is unmatched. Last year, one of my favorites was Namesless Tacos — with a quirky name like that, I was sure it wouldn’t disappoint, and it didn’t! Every year Firefly has a bevy of new food selections, as well as returning crowd favorites, such as Island Noodle and smoothies from Hippie Dips.

This year, Firefly’s food line up includes new additions, such as Eminem’s “Mom’s Spaghetti”; Spicy Pie Pizza; Just Squeezed with their signature refreshing lemonade; and Ozark Mountain Biscuit Co. with sandwiches and sides that will make you run to buy more.

In addition, Shake Shack will also be serving up their popular burgers and fries. If you’re not a salty person, Firefly has just enough to satisfy your sweet tooth. Just check out Taiyaki NYC’s Unicorn floats and Big Mozz X Cookie DO’s mozzarella sticks and cookie dough balls!

With all of these options, I know my vegans and vegetarians are asking, what about me? Well, Firefly has a lot of options for you! These options are also Gluten Free: Shady Grove Wraps, The Beet Box’s famous vegan bakery goods and Fat Bean Farm.

3. Bring Loads Of Water

Nothing is worse than being dehydrated in the hot sun! Make sure you bring a lot of water — literally gallons — so your festival weekend doesn’t turn miserable. Many people forget to load up on water during music festivals, and it’s important you prepare to be under the sun all day by stocking up on loads of water!

4.  Prepare To Camp!

Camping at Firefly is an experience in the most positive way! You get to meet new people, form new bonds and have memories you will remember for years. It’s important you have your camping arrangements together first — that means making sure you have your camping pass. I know sometimes friends end up not wanting to go anymore, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t go! Join the Firefly Reddit forum to find people to camp with (but always be careful).

Make sure to buy enough food and snacks; sometimes you might need a quick snack in between sets or a snack in the morning. Again, if I haven’t said it enough, carry lots of water! Don’t wait last minute to grab items such as the tent, sleeping bag/air mattress/cot and lights. Truly make your tent your own space by decorating it the way you like!

5. Enjoy!

Don’t forget to have fun!

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