Now Reading: If You Haven’t Seen ‘Deadpool 2’ Yet, You’re Missing Out


If You Haven’t Seen ‘Deadpool 2’ Yet, You’re Missing Out

May 23, 20183 min read

The sequel everyone has been waiting for is finally here, and it’s everything I expected.

WARNING! Spoilers ahead!

The first movie was more of an origin story that explained how Wade Wilson turned into what he is, but now that the introductions have been made, Deadpool is here and he’s more ready to fight than ever.

The movie starts off with Wade catching a criminal and then coming home to an impatient Vanessa, waiting for him to celebrate their anniversary. The scene that follows is utterly characteristic of their relationship and shows their dynamic in the perfect way.

But then, just like in every Marvel movie, something goes wrong. Vanessa dies and Wade is left with an emptiness he tries to fulfill throughout the movie.

At first, he gives the whole “living with the X-men and being a part of them” thing a try, but he ends up regretting that decision and makes his own team, the X-force, which is honestly the most expected part of the movie, considering Deadpool absolutely hates following rules, especially if they’re not his.

Deadpool 2 is filled with exciting and astonishing fight scenes that never fail to show Wade’s sarcasm, goofiness and knowledge about the most various problems, all at the same time.

The same thing happens for the entirety of the movie, but I personally find it impressive how they manage to fit all of that in scenes so full of action.

Another thing that makes this movie even more special is how they aren’t scared of showing every side of Wade. He can be or do whatever he wants to. He doesn’t care about any opinions and always fights for what’s right, even if he doesn’t do it in the way superheroes normally would.

That can be seen in parts of the movie in which he fights against evils that sadly are too common in today’s world. He kills pedophiles and sex traffickers and calls out a white man on cultural appropriation, and that alone should be enough to make everyone go see it.

But adding to that there is still a comedic side that promises to make every single person watching it laugh incredibly hard and the usual superhero content that every Marvel fan loves.

The post-credits scene fixes every bad thing that happens during the movie (the deaths) and even one thing that happened in real life. In it, we can see the moment Ryan Reynolds is about to start reading his Green Lantern script, and Deadpool appearing behind him and shooting him multiple times. That was certainly one of the funniest moments in cinema history.

So, considering how good and entertaining it is, if you have any free time, do yourself a favor and go watch it. Wade Wilson approves and so do I.


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