I’m Standing With You

December 17, 20172 min read

When Trump first got elected into office, I didn’t known what to do. I didn’t even know how I was feeling. I was scared, angry, sad and confused at the same time. I wanted to do something to help, but I had no idea what the right steps would be. I’m too young to vote, but that won’t stop me from trying my best to change whatever I can. Right now, the best thing to do is to share my opinions, use my voice, and most importantly, stand with the people whose voices have been silenced. You deserve to shout just as much as I do.

What am I supposed to do about this?

Tweeting “not my president” but wanting to live in bliss?

I don’t have a vote, but I do have a voice.

As I may remind you, this wasn’t America’s choice.

Hillary fairly won the popular vote,

While Donald said, and I quote:

“Shutdown of Muslims entering the United States”

So sure in speech yet lost his mind at the debates?


Our country is going back 100 years in time

And I’m sitting here trying to find a good rhyme.

Introducing our VP Mike Pence —

Could he honestly get any more dense?

Conversion therapy for “all the gays?”

How are you so set in your ways?


And you third party and non-voters, avoiding the blame.

I hope you’re living your life in shame!

This is just as much your fault as it is theirs,

So good luck with sending out all those prayers.


What about me? What can I do?

All this time, I never truly knew.

Bigoted people out in the open,

How do I keep everything locked in?

He’s not my president! And I’m still with her!

This entire election just seemed like a blur.


And finally, to all the minorities out there —

Hiding your true self, this isn’t at all fair!

Listen here, you’re who I’m saying this to:

For when times get rough, I’m standing with you.

How do you vote?

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Rhea Varma

Hi guys! I'm Rhea, a 16-year-old writer for Affinity Magazine! In my free time, you can usually find me fighting the patriarchy or pretending to be artsy in a cute coffee shop.