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Is Dean Really Back? Is There a New Monster in Town? A Review of ‘Supernatural’ Season 14 Episode 2

October 19, 20188 min read

Editor’s Note: This article contains spoilers from Supernatural’s Season 14 Episode 2.

Picking up where the first episode left off, “Gods and Monsters” started with a slight plot jump. This episode started with Michael, who was still taking over Dean’s body, making vampires that he met in episode one as his hostages. He was experimenting on one vampire by taking his blood, mixed it with angel grace and putting them back inside the vampire. Unfortunately, he failed, and he hasn’t failed only once…

While Michael was experimenting on those vampires, Sam found a police report of bodies piling up near train roads on Duluth and all of their eyes were burnt – exactly like what happened to Michael’s dead vampires. Sam decided to look into it, and Bobby and Mary joined him. Unfortunately, Castiel had to sit this one out because Michael can sense his presence since both of them are angels, and he was told to look after Nick and Jack. Jack was actually okay with not joining the mission because he already felt that he need to improve before going on missions. He also faced his own nightmares since he was so traumatized by Lucifer’s actions when he was still using his body as a vessel.

Sam, Bobby and Mary went to Duluth and observe the dead bodies with their classic undercover as FBI agents. They found out the bodies were vampires and also there was a woman who claimed to know one of the bodies but quickly left without leaving a name. The woman turned out to be a vampire that managed to escape from Michael, and she told the trio where Michael was in order to not be killed by them. She was actually set free by Michael to make her bait Sam, Bobby and Mary to meet him.

Back to the bunker, Jack and Castiel were having a heart-to-heart because Jack was still scared and felt weak as he was still powerless. Nick, being clueless of his past, was searching for information on his family because Cas told him that he accepted Lucifer because he was sad about his family’s death. Then Nick did something similar to Lucifer’s habit, snapping his fingers to murder someone, and Cas was worried that Lucifer’s damaged Nick worse than they thought, Cas was right. Nick then left to find more information.

Michael continued his job by changing alliances from vampires to werewolves. That time, he had already figured out the perfect recipe to upgrade the werewolves abilities. Jack, being a rebel by getting out of the bunker, visited his grandparents, reminiscing about Kelly Kline (Courtney Ford), his mother. He was the only one in the room that knows Kelly has passed away when giving birth to Jack. Nick, on the other hand, visited an old neighbor that claimed to see his family’s murderer. His neighbor changed his story and told Nick that “there was no man” when the tragedy happened.

This episode ended with Sam, Bobby and Mary taking the bait and they were ambushed by Michael’s “upgraded” werewolves. The werewolves were finally could be killed by decapitating them, and Michael appeared when the hunters killed all of the werewolves. But it wasn’t the Michael they wanted but it was the Dean and he said that Michael “just left”. This episode also ended with Nick, who finally knew that his family was murdered with a hammer, murdering his old neighbor also with a hammer.

This episode is such an impressive improvement from the first episode. The scenes were pretty jumpy but it made the tension very high between each scene, giving us a small amount of time to catch our breath because of the overwhelming yet thrilling scenes. The action scene in this episode also improved a lot from the first one, more thrill, more fun to watch. I’ll say, Richard Speight Jr., did an amazing job directing this episode.

Also, the writing is incredible. I love what the writers of this episode did with Nick’s trauma, flashbacks, breakdown and the craze of him wanting to have justice for both his family and himself that will make you think that maybe Michael wasn’t the only monster. What they did to Castiel was also very impressive. Castiel in this episode, I dare to say, is the wisest version of Castiel this far. His heart-to-heart scene with Jack was beautiful and resulted as an inspiring quote.

“The past, where you came from, that’s important, but it is not as important as the future and where you’re going.” – Castiel

I will give 11/10 to Mark Pellegrino for the amazing performance as Nick. In this episode, Nick experience a breakdown after knowing that he allowed Lucifer to use his body when he was the weakest when his family died, and Mark performed it amazingly. The scene felt real, the tears looked incredibly genuine but, unfortunately, not enough to make me cry yet enough to make my heartbreak. In this episode, hands down, Jensen Ackles had the best entrance so far, slightly dramatic yet still could send chills all over your body. He also had to act in a scene where both Michael and Dean were there at the same time. It was a scene where Michael was checking his outfit in the mirror and Dean suddenly appeared and told him to get out of his body. Michael responded with the best response by saying: “I own you” after breaking the mirror.

The third episode will air next week with the title “The Scar” and it will be directed by Robert Singer. Make sure you stay updated by seeing their Twitter and Instagram so you won’t miss a thing!

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