Now Reading: Jake Paul May Be Sued Due to Childish Neighborhood Antics


Jake Paul May Be Sued Due to Childish Neighborhood Antics

July 21, 20173 min read

It’s been a while now since Vine officially pulled the plug. Many of its prime creators have since moved onto other platforms include the world of YouTube. While some have since proven their talents, others are profiting off of doing ridiculous pranks and annoying their neighbors. Jake Paul is the latter.

The former Viner and the residents nearby his rented West Hollywood home don’t get along too well. Neighbors complain that his constant noise levels, commotion, and dangerous pranks are causing unrest in the neighborhood. One incident includes a flame taller than his house emerging after he decided to light furniture on fire.

Jake and his Team 10 crew (a random collection of smaller YouTubers) also draw crowds of fans each day around the outskirts of the property. This is a result of failing to set boundaries and not keeping his address a secret. When the local news visited the neighborhood to cover the story, the crew came running out. Instead of being mature, they climbed onto of the news truck and proceed to mess with the reporter. When asked about the complaints and what he has to say, Jake kept it simple.

It’s terrible. It’s a bad situation. I feel bad for them for sure. There is nothing we can do though…the Jake Paulers [name of his fan base] are the strongest army out there.

He then ended the statement with two outdated memes and ran off with his friends.

His neighbors are now planning to meet with city officials this week to decide if they want to pursue a class action public nuisance lawsuit on Jake and the owner of the home he is renting. If it goes their way, Jake could be asked to leave the home and/or pay a fine. After the news was released, Jake decided to take it to Twitter for the world to see.

He then continues his self-absorbed streak by retweeting messages of support from fans and stating how you shouldn’t conform to society’s rules. He even has the nerve to compare his ‘problems’ to innocent people being shot by police.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for Jake Paul. Aside from his Disney Channel acting gig, you can find him treating girls like objects, starting unnecessary drama, and exploiting real world issues to fill his need for attention. Hopefully Jake will get he deserves what he deserves. A trial date and a hard slap of reality.

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