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Kate Nash Crowd Funds Her Newest Album

April 15, 20174 min read

Back in 2012, Kate Nash was dropped from her record label after her second album, ‘My Best Friend is You’, didn’t sell as they’d hoped. However, 5 years later, being without a label has not held her back. Nash has recently completed a UK tour that I was lucky enough to experience and I must say it was one of the best live shows I have ever seen. In her last show in London, she performed with an infectious energy and happiness to a crowd of devoted fans with whom she clearly has a special connection.

And it is these fans who will be funding her newest album, as on April 5th, Nash launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund her 4th album. She announced it to her fans via this tweet:

In her Kickstarter video, Kate Nash speaks on how much she values her fans, saying: “They allow me to be myself. I’m safe with them and I trust them and we have fun”. And it’s clear her fans feel the same way, as they have already contributed over $50,000 of her $70,000 goal. She has since released the first song from the album ‘Call Me’, a sweet, catchy tune that her fans are going mad for.

The 4th album promises to be the most personal of her works. Without the constraints of a record label, which Nash said at her concert was very dominated by older men who were dismissive of her creativity and emotions, she aims to make songs about more intimate matters. For example, she previewed two new songs on her tour. One of which, titled ‘Musical Theatre’, will be about her relationship with her mind, and mental illness, and had the audience in tears. The other, ‘Agenda’, was a fantastically angry song against the worlds current political situation (You know what I’m talking about).

After her final show, I stayed back with some of her biggest fans, one of which travelled all the way from Spain to see her, and another who had designed a jacket with the words ‘Don’t fuck with Kate Nash’ printed on the back. Having been a fan of her for 10 years, I loved her music and her online presence, but I didn’t realise that she had such a large young queer fan base, who were willing to wait until way after midnight in mid-winter to see her. And when she did come out, in a hat and scarf, a wild contrast from the floor-length green sequinned dress she had performed in, the way she spoke with her fans in such a personal way made it obvious that they were what really mattered to her.

You can donate to Kate Nash’s Kickstarter Here:

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