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Kiwi Indie Star Benee Drops Searing Song “Want Me Back” & Announces EP

June 15, 20193 min read

Benee (formerly “Bene”) is a rising Indie star who releases trendy hits filled with quick lyrics and catchy beats. Benee has released her latest song “Want Me Back”  which is part of her upcoming EP, out June 28.

The song opens with heavy pulsing, and Benee’s request to be told: “what you want.” Her voice sounds intentionally strained, like her feelings have been hurt and she’s attempting to retain strength and composure.

She sings about being in a relationship with a guarded person who won’t let themselves heal. She sings, “I feel like I’m searching/Without you got, I feel nothing.” The beat picks up and light trap elements are infused at the hook. She asks for the boy to “change your mind” instead of him “playin’ with” her heart.

The beat drops and the chorus picks up and she sings a request to be “what you want.” She says, “Tell me that I’m all that you need.” She sings light “yeah”’s in the background, punctuating the more frontal lyrics.

She admits that he’s playing with her heart, skillfully using her tone to sound slightly wounded. This acknowledgment of how she is being hurt pairs with an admittance of the fact she is so invested in him that she doesn’t care.

Benee sings, “I know that you kind of need me” making it clear to the listener that she needs him far more than he needs her, or more than she is willing to admit. She sings “you’ve been having trouble sleeping,” again making it clear that she is projecting her own issues onto he who she desires.

She sings about how she wishes he would leave and she would never have to speak with him again, but the repetition of the chorus makes it clear that she desperately wants this particular person. She sings about deleting his number and going out with other guys, making it clear that she’s not over the other guy that the song is directed towards.

“Want Me Back” is a brooding pop song, self-aware and in denial all at the same. “Want Me Back” is the feeling of being in a dark room, searching for the person with the light.

You can stream “Want Me Back” everywhere.

Featured image courtesy of Benee’s team at Republic Records.

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