Now Reading: Kylie Just Confirmed Her Pregnancy and the Birth of Her Daughter


Kylie Just Confirmed Her Pregnancy and the Birth of Her Daughter

February 4, 20182 min read

Kylie Jenner, the youngest of the Kardashian siblings, has been the talk of 2017 as people have been trying to figure out whether she is pregnant or not. If you haven’t been keeping track of Kylie’s pregnancy journey, don’t worry because I have you covered!

Rumours first emerged in September 2017 after Kylie was seen sporting a small baby bump. The fact that it was the 10th anniversary of Keeping Up With The Kardashians meant that the show would be extra special and viewers were sure that Kylie’s pregnancy would be revealed then. The episode was filled with lots of memories and shocking moments yet everyone stayed mum about Kylie’s pregnancy.

Additional clues such as Kris receiving 9 baby pajamas from Burt’s Bees Babies when at that time only Kim and Khloe were known to be pregnant, and Kylie skipping the annual WWD’s annual Beauty Inc. awards and sending her best friend Jordan Woods to accept the Newsmaker of the Year award instead of going herself, and her pink-themed Christmas ornaments fueled the rumour of Kylie having a baby girl allowing for the internet to become confident in her pregnancy. Despite Kylie’s pregnancy becoming a known fact, no official announcement came from the Kardashian Klan leading to ridiculous rumors such as Kylie being Kim’s surrogate which later died down after a while.

Our long journey of tracking Kylie’s alleged pregnancy comes to an end today as Kylie confirmed her pregnancy in a sweet post on Instagram informing her followers of giving birth to a healthy baby girl on February 1st. She stated that she needed to be out of the spotlight to get ready for her role as a mother. Her and Travis also made an emotional video dedicated to her newborn baby titled “To our daughter”. The video is filled with moments from Kylie’s life with comments from her friends and family and is truly heartwarming. Kylie’s love and excitement can be seen radiating through the video and is sure to make any viewer sentimental.

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