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Logan Paul Finds Yet Another Way to Disrespect Japanese Culture

January 6, 20184 min read

22-year-old Youtuber Logan Paul has been the topic of conversation ever since he posted a vlog to his channel exploiting a man who had committed suicide. It was bad enough Paul decided to take a trip to a known suicide forest in Japan; he then recorded the man’s dead body, laughed and made jokes about it, edited the video and made the man his thumbnail.

The controversy of this situation continued, when Paul apologized on Twitter, deeming it appropriate to end his statement with “#logang4life.” He also posted a short video apologizing, but it didn’t really make up for his insensitive actions.

Now, if you thought it couldn’t get any worse: you’re sadly mistaken. Paul has found yet another way to disrespect the Japanese culture.

This vlog, which is titled “KICKED OUT OF JAPAN! (i’m sorry)” was actually posted two days before the vlog in the forest that started all the controversy. Unlike that one, which has been taken down, this problematic vlog still remains on his channel for everyone to see.

In this video, Paul is wearing traditional Japanese clothing while running around Japan screaming with no sense of respect or dignity. He even states at one point in the video that he “needs to be careful not to disrespect the culture,” but meanwhile, the whole video is him being extremely obnoxious and subsequently disrespectful.

Paul also decides to throw coins into a well to make a wish. He says he wishes for “health, happiness and hella b*tches.” So now he’s not just disrespecting Japanese culture, but women, as well.

If this isn’t bad enough, Paul posted two more vlogs in Japan of him and his friends being completely idiotic. In his video entitled “Real Life Pokemon Go in Tokyo,” Paul buys a Gameboy. When he realizes it doesn’t work properly, instead of returning it like any normal person would, he decides to smash it on the ground. When he actually goes and returns it, he tells the salesman it is “mucho brokeno,” even though he has a translator standing right next to him. But it’s all about respecting Japan, right, Logan?

These are just a few examples of the disrespectful things Paul did while staying in Japan. In fact, there are over 30 minutes in vlog footage of him being completely ignorant on his Youtube channel.

Youtuber That Japanese Man Yuta has also noticed Paul’s actions. He made a whole video on the subject titled “Logan Paul (Don’t be That Guy in Japan… Or Anywhere Else),” in which he discusses his feelings about Paul’s videos. It’s an informational video to watch if you really want to understand why Paul’s videos are problematic, coming from a person of Japanese heritage.

Logan Paul needs to realize that he has a young audience watching him. His demographic is probably mostly preteens who look up to him as a role model. So-called “role models” shouldn’t be posting such insensitive content for their audience to watch. But, he obviously only cares about the views, which is why he’ll go to such extremes in his videos. It’s disappointing, and we can only hope he educates himself, but I honestly don’t think he ever will.

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