Now Reading: Maggie Lindemann Lets Her Rage Out In Haunting New Single “GASLIGHT!” Featuring Siiickbrain


Maggie Lindemann Lets Her Rage Out In Haunting New Single “GASLIGHT!” Featuring Siiickbrain

September 18, 20203 min read

At this point, it seems difficult to believe there’s a music genre out there that Maggie Lindemann can’t dive into. Barely five years into her musical career, she has shown off her creativity in bubbly pop tracks such as ‘Pretty Girl’ and ‘Obsessed,’ the ska-infused ‘Friends Go’ and the edgy pop-rock banger ‘Knife Under My Pillow’ — her first release of 2020. On September 18, she gave us yet another taste of her upcoming debut EP Paranoia with the explosive ‘GASLIGHT!,’ a collaboration with model and singer Siiickbrain — and it’s Lindemann at her very best.

Cover art for Maggie Lindemann’s ‘GASLIGHT!’ featuring Siiickbrain

The rock-infused pop track kicks off with a warning: “Turn down the volume, or we’re all gonna go deaf.” Immediately after those words, the song blasts in all its screamo glory before slowly dripping into a dark melody that could serve as the soundtrack for a haunted strip club. While the production inevitably takes all the attention from the audience for its abrasive manner, the lyrics also pose a really interesting concept: by stating, “Your words will dig your own grave/It’s time to choose your own fate/Leave me lonely/Or kill you slowly” the singer continues on the theme of paranoia that was first shown in her previous single, except this time it’s not her that’s experimenting it — but imposing it on a lover instead.

While ‘GASLIGHT!’ is without a doubt the most unique, daring and bold track Lindemann has ever released — and perhaps her best as well. However, it feels like a very natural progression from ‘Knife Under My Pillow,’ which makes even more sense when taking into account that they’re followed by each other on the tracklist of the singer’s upcoming EP Paranoia. The project was announced along with the single and its cover art features Lindemann rocking short, black hair with a touch of red along with leather gloves and sharp nails — perhaps an indication that the edgy, thrilling sound of the two songs we’ve heard so far will be a common theme on the EP. Either way, the latest release by the 22-year-old singer continues the introduction of a fresh sonic aesthetic for Lindemann that makes her one of the most exciting pop acts in the industry right now and represents a key step in her musical path moving forward.

You can now stream ‘GASLIGHT!’ on all streaming platforms. Maggie Lindemann’s debut EP Paranoia comes out on January 22, 2021, and is now available for pre-saving.

Featured Image courtesy of Maggie Lindemann.

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