Maisie Peters: Rising Star

July 16, 20195 min read

Maisie Peters is an immensely talented singer-songwriter, whose voice you may have recently heard on Love Island. The singer from Brighton is just 19 years old and was just as surprised as her fans when she heard her songs, “Feels Like This” and “Favourite Ex,” on the popular reality TV show.

Many music critics predicted 2019 as being her breakthrough year and, so far, they’re not wrong. Since being played on Love Island, “Feels Like This” has been played almost every day on Radio 1. Scott Mills and  Chris Stark chose it as their record of the week on 24th June. The song also peaked at #34 on the iTunes chart. Then, on Tuesday, another of her songs was played on Love Island. “Favourite Ex” was played behind an emotional moment as Amy told Curtis she was leaving the Villa. The song then peaked at #23 on the iTunes chart! Also this year, Maisie embarked on her first headline tour of the UK. Although the venues were small and intimate, the tour was completely sold out by the time I heard of her (back in December, pre-Love Island). 

Maisie started writing songs when she was 12, enjoying this expressive outlet and finding she had a natural flair for it. She started posting original songs on YouTube in 2016 and developed a small but loyal fan-base. The following year, she was signed to Atlantic Records; “I pretty much got signed and then told everyone to not talk to me because I was doing my A Levels,” she told The Line of Best Fit magazine. She then released her first single, “Place We Were Made,” in that summer.

Maisie released her debut EP, Dressed Too Nice For A Jacket, in November 2018. “Feels Like This” is the most played song from the EP on Spotify, with over 12 million streams. Presumably Love Island and Radio 1 are to thank for some of its popularity. However, it is a truly beautiful song that really captures the feeling of being in love and it deserves everything it’s getting now. The other 5 songs also have between 1 and 4 million streams a-piece. It’s a tough choice but my favourite is probably “Details”. It alludes to not wanting a friend to tell you about their new relationship because, what they don’t realise, is that you have feelings for them yourself. “You To You” was the revenge song I didn’t know I needed. The lyrics of every song on the EP capture a feeling that almost everyone has felt as well as telling a story that feels personal to Maisie.

In February this year, Maisie released the single “Stay Young”, and it was a slight departure from her usual style of music. It’s more upbeat and there is no piano in the backing music. The lyrics still sound like Maisie Peters though and it was soon one of my favourite songs. It was her first song to get the full music video treatment. The video is a lot of fun and it showcases her love of cats!

Maisie has been teasing new music on her Instagram stories recently. Although it looks like she will keep her fans waiting for her debut album as she said in an interview, “I’m a big believer that albums should be a body of work, something that reflects time or a movement, it should feel really cohesive and I just don’t think where I am right now and the nature of how I’m working lends itself very well to that right now.”

I really believe that this is just the beginning of Maisie Peters’ breakthrough into the mainstream. Her songwriting are unbelievable for someone so young. Acoustic pop is rising in popularity as stars like Lewis Capaldi are rising. She has a great personality; she is so funny on Twitter, I highly recommend following her.

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