Now Reading: Millie Bobby Brown Named Sexiest Actress by W Magazine, Once Again Promoting Pedophilia


Millie Bobby Brown Named Sexiest Actress by W Magazine, Once Again Promoting Pedophilia

November 5, 20173 min read

Editor’s Note: A previous title for this article read Millie Bobby Brown Named Sexiest Actress by PlayFM, Once Again Promoting Pedophilia, but it has since been corrected because it was W Magazine that named her such.

With the recent premiere of Stranger Things 2 taking the internet by storm, there have already been countless incidents involving the young stars of the show being sexualized by grown adults.

The first of many of these cases began on Oct. 30, when Ali Michael, a 27-year-old model, posted a rather unnerving message about Finn Wolfhard.

On her Instagram, Michael posted a picture of Wolfhard with the caption, “Not to be weird, but hit me up in four years.” Keep in mind, she is 27, and Wolfhard is just 14-years-old. These comments were undeniably pedophilia. Although Michael has since apologized for her inappropriate comments, there is no taking back her pedophilic statement and erasing the damage that has been done. Pedophilia is not a joke.

Since this incident, fans have caused a huge pushback for anyone and everyone who posts creepy comments about the young stars on social media. A Spanish online radio publication, PlayFM, recently called out W magazine for naming Millie Bobby Brown as one of sexiest actresses. She is 13-years-old. Although it is undeniable that Millie Bobby Brown is elegant, poised, professional and talented, sexy is not how a pre-teen needs to be labeled. These inappropriate labels continue to promote pedophilia among adult fans of Stranger Things. It’s just plain wrong.

As you can see, W Magazine listed Millie as one of the reasons TV is sexier than ever.

Understanding the hype of Stranger Things 2, fans come in an incredibly large age range. Still, it does not justify pedophilia at all. Despite being actors, these kids are just kids, and they can feel just as creeped out and violated as any other child would if an adult made inappropriate advances toward them. Wolfhard sure was:

Even while being in the public eye, these children need to be protected and not deprived of their innocence. Just because someone is a celebrity and in the public eye, that does not grant the public the right to violate these individuals. There has been an increasingly prevalent culture in fans simply accepting the violation of their idols as something that comes along with being famous, and nothing could be more wrong.

Speaking out against sexual assault doesn’t end with personal stories, it continues with speaking out against the violation of public figures and holding perpetrators accountable for their words and actions.

There is no need for child actors to grow up knowing that adults are disgustingly lusting after them. Protect the kids of Stranger Things. They deserve so much better. They deserve to feel safe.

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