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Misconceptions About Wearing Makeup

December 23, 20175 min read

Makeup is used to enhance one’s features, to beautify, to change certain aspects of one’s appearance, as a way of self-expression or as art. Makeup can be used for various motives. Furthermore, the use of makeup can be a target of several misconceptions.

It is always good to explain why such views are wrong and show how we shouldn’t be so quick to judge the act of wearing makeup. With that being said, here are a few examples of misconceptions about makeup, and why we shouldn’t believe them:

“People who wear makeup are insecure about their looks”

To be fair, some people do wear makeup to cover their insecurities, and because they are not content with their appearance. However, it shouldn’t be generalized, since many people wear makeup because they like it, and as a way of expressing themselves. It doesn’t mean they don’t like their appearance and that they can’t bear to be seen in public without their face covered in makeup; it just means it is something they enjoy wearing and that it allows them to express themselves the way they want to.

“You look prettier with/without makeup”

It’s certainly annoying to hear the phrases “You shouldn’t wear that much makeup, you look prettier without it”  or “You look prettier with makeup, you should wear it more often.” It shouldn’t matter what people think about your looks regarding the amount of makeup you wear or don’t wear — how you feel about it is the only thing that matters. Do you feel like doing a full face of makeup? Good, go ahead! Do you feel like not wearing makeup at all? That’s good, too — go out with your bare face. You look beautiful either way, it really doesn’t matter if your friend prefers to see you with makeup on or if your neighbor likes the natural look better. What really matters is what you want. At the end of the day, the face is yours, the choice is also yours and you’re doing it for yourself.

“Makeup is false advertising”

The idea that makeup is false advertising is simply ridiculous. People shouldn’t assume that anyone who wears makeup is being “fake” and portraying themselves as something they are not. Saying things like “You’re not your real self when you wear all that makeup” or “You wear makeup so people think you’re different than you really are” to somebody who is just trying to express themselves through makeup, highlight their features, etc., is just not fair. To begin with, they’re not a product being sold, therefore they’re not advertising themselves.

“Wearing makeup makes you unauthentic”

This goes along with the previous point. You’re not being “fake” for wearing makeup, you’re just being yourself and doing what you like.

“Makeup is just for girls”

Fortunately, nowadays this wrong view has been progressively altered, and many people now agree that anyone, regardless of their gender, can wear makeup if they want to. However, others still think makeup is exclusively a girl thing. But it is not. In fact, if we look at makeup’s history, we have many examples which show us how it was made for women and men. For example, in Ancient Egyptian culture, men used dramatic black eyeliner, creating elaborate cat-eye designs to communicate wealth and status; in Ancient Rome, men often used red pigments on their cheeks. And there are tons of other examples of men wearing makeup! And women! And yes, makeup is for everyone. Yes, it is for girls, but also for boys and anyone who wants to wear it.

Thankfully, in today’s society, these misconceptions have been progressively changing, and I am glad to say that not everybody thinks those ways regarding makeup! Still, some people do, so it doesn’t hurt to show our views on this matter and possibly change someone’s mind.

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