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Momma Knows Best: A Review Of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 15 Episode 4

October 14, 20188 min read

Editor’s Note: This article contains spoilers from ABC’s Medical Drama, Grey’s Anatomy’s Season 15 Episode 3.

Last week we saw a lot of anger, frustration and drama from the doctors. Let’s see if their attitudes change this week.

This week’s episode starts out with Meredith reminiscing on advice about telling the truth from her mother and Maggie obsessing over her relationship with Jackson and Owen and Amelia’s relationship. I’m still confused as to why Jackson is gone and why he left Maggie in distress. We also see problems already forming between Amelia and Owen’s little family. Even though the kids they are taking care of aren’t theirs, they still act like a fighting family. All of the doctors seem to be shocked by Meredith’s new appearance. She did her makeup and has a new outfit and she looks great.

Five minutes in and we’re seeing our first accident. Ben, who is now a fireman, is bringing in some victims from a small apartment fire. We also find out why Meredith is all dressed up, she has a date! Meredith’s blind date is played by Josh Radnor, who played Ted in How I Met Your Mother. He is an interesting choice to play Meredith’s potential love interest and I am really excited to see how this goes. Meredith deserves to find l0ve again after all she went through with Dr Riggs.

Back at the hospital, a woman who came in with the victim’s from the fire is being treated for heart problems. Her son is anxiously waiting to see if his mom is okay and it’s really heartbreaking. Seeing kids in distress always makes me feel for them and get just as upset as they are. I feel like the ability of patients and their families to have such an impact on the emotions of the viewers is really powerful. Even with the short time they have in the episode, they are still able to deliver their performance really well. This shows the power of the writing of Grey’s Anatomy. Maggie calms the young boy down and catches the attention of one of the firemen who is from ABC’s Station 19. He seems to already have a crush on her. Maybe he can take Jackson’s place since he’s still nowhere to be found.

Back at Meredith’s date, she seems to be enjoying herself and her date who is a software engineer. In the middle of the date, John, Meredith’s date, realizes that he’s on a blind date with the wrong woman. He noticed that Meredith looked different from her profile picture but didn’t realize it until he saw the woman he was actually supposed to be on a date with. There were two different Johns waiting for a blind date and Meredith approached the wrong one. Hmm, could this be fate? This funny and weird mishap added the perfect humor and romance that this episode needed!

At the hospital, Alex is handling a patient who a bleb in his lung, which is a small collection of air between the lung and the outer surface of the lung. Alex wants to perform a simple surgery that will get rid of it but the patient vehemently refuses. He explains that his mom’s insurance could not pay for it and that his mom works three jobs just for him to have basic necessities and go to college. This is a sad reality for many people, they forgo medical necessities because they don’t have the money to pay for it. Alex makes a call and slightly stabs the patient, declaring that he has to perform the surgery as an emergency surgery which the patient’s insurance will cover. This is obviously a ploy to be able to give the patient the surgery he really needs. While extremely noble of him and what I think was the right call, Dr Qadri states that she will “have to report this” which might cause Alex to get in trouble. Her reaction is kind of annoying since Alex is the chief and that he is only trying to help the patient.

Meredith brings her date back to the hospital and they seem to be having a good time talking until John states that he doesn’t like kids and that single moms can come across as really desperate on dates. Yikes. Earlier on in the date, John said that there’s always “the one thing” somebody says to ruin the date and he did just that. Meredith walks away after saying goodbye triumphantly, while he stands there looking defeated. Poor Meredith, she always has guy troubles. But I have a feeling that he’ll be seen in future episodes trying to win her back.

Later in surgery with the patient that Alex stabbed, Alex reveals that when he was twelve he stole a car to take his baby sister to the hospital when she had a fever that was 104 degrees. When questioned why he didn’t just call an ambulance he replied: “Do you know how much ambulance rides cost?” He knows what being in that position is like and wanted to help someone else. After the surgery, the patient declares that his mom is going to be “crazy happy” that he had the surgery, and that she’s been saving up for years for it. This story was so heartwarming and was a great end to the episode. It also shows how much Alex cares about his patients and how much he has grown since season one. Alex is, in my opinion, the best-developed character of the show.

I thought this was the best season of the show so far. It had the perfect mix of romance, drama, comedy and sadness. The plot was great and the episode had a good flow. The only thing that seemed to be missing was that we still didn’t see much at all of the new doctors and Teddy hasn’t made an appearance since episode one. Hopefully, we get to see them more in the next episode.

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