My Parents Hate Your Skin

July 17, 20172 min read

In today’s society, the *radical* idea of loving someone that is of a different skin color is unfortunately still glaring frowned upon, even in communities that claim to be accepting. This poem is about interracial love, its beauty and its pain. More specificially, it is about the pain that even those closest to you will inflict for simply loving somebody with different skin.


 piercing eyes hold me down

i’m helpless under your gaze

i worship at the altar

that you are

swear you’ll be my religion


oh my american lover

my parents hate your skin

but i don’t care

i need your breath

in my lungs


their words are knives

that don’t pierce my skin

i hope yours can weather the storm

i’ll kiss the scars

they leave in their wake


i can’t come up for air

i drown in your waves

who gave you the right

to steal all the air


with you

i can’t breathe

without you

i don’t want to


i sink into you

find a safe haven in your arms

explore the wonders of your world

with my tongue


you taste like honey

maybe this is love

what do i know

i’m still a little girl

crying to be tucked in


by parents that call me

“ni***r lover”

parents that poisoned my head

for 18 years

made the little girl hide


my parents hate your skin

but we are intertwined

a swirl of black and white

i can’t tell

where you begin

and i end



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Anais Rivero

Aspiring journalist, Latina woman, and film lover trying to stomp the patriarchy with my large combat boots.