Now Reading: #MyAffinity- Calling All Social Justice Inspired Artists and Photographers into the Resistance


#MyAffinity- Calling All Social Justice Inspired Artists and Photographers into the Resistance

April 9, 20173 min read

Are you an artist or photographer who is passionate by social justice? Is your work inspired by, but not limited to, feminism, LGBT+, society, race, culture, body positivity, or politics? If so, #MyAffinity is a great opportunity for you to get your work featured on the Affinity Instagram!

My name is Hallie Sebastian, and I am the Instagram Coordinator for Affinity Magazine. We at Affinity recently decided to get our Instagram active again, and in the process, #MyAffinity was created. Launched recently, this hashtag can be used to submit your social justice related work for a chance to be featured on our page.

To submit, post your work on Instagram and use #MyAffinity. I will be looking through these hashtag-submitted posts daily for content to post, make sure your work is high quality and will match the theme of our page. This is an amazing opportunity for up and coming artists to get their work seen by thousands of people; it is amazing exposure (you will be given 100% credit)!

You can submit as much as you want, and I will definitely be keeping an eye out for recurringly featured artists and photographers if I like their work. You can also DM or tag our Instagram to suggest work, especially if you have a friend whose work reflects our requirements! You can check out our recent posts from the past week to get an idea of what kind of content we are looking to feature.

We will be accepting hashtag submitted work indefinitely, so don’t rush! Take your time to create empowering, thought-provoking work before submitting. If your #MyAffinity submission is liked by the Affinity Instagram, that means it has been seen and is being considered for a feature. Chances are your submission won’t be posted immediately, but if it is accepted, it will be posted within 24 hours.

Just as our writers express their views through words, artists and photographers express theirs through their work. We are so excited to introduce this project, as we can get a whole new group of socially conscious young people involved in the resistance. I hope you consider submitting your work soon. I look forward to seeing it!

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Hallie Sebastian

Halle is a 16 year old student, artist, and aspiring journalist from CNY