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“Night & Day: Night Edition“ Review

July 14, 20176 min read

The British indie pop band put out a new record called Night & Day: Night Edition which features an electronic vibe not seen before in the band’s repertory or influences.

Not only did they work with DJ’s like Martin Jensen, Matoma, and Mike Perry but they also feature American singer Sabrina Carpenter and Argentinian singer Martina Stoessel better known by her artistic name TINI.

There’s not a stipulated date in which the Day Edition could be released yet.

As for now, here’s a track by track:

Middle of the Night

With the help of Danish DJ Martin Jensen, this dubstep-infused song talks about the regret of letting someone go and begging them for a second chance.

This song was first launched the 28th of April this year and was followed the next month by a music video featuring deaf actress Rose Ayling-Ellis.

All Night 

Released in October last year, this was the first single from their third album.

The Vamps joined forces with Norwegian DJ Matoma for their first EDM track showing the new direction they were heading in.

When asked about the song, the band told media company Genius:

“The song came about in Los Angeles with a producer called DJ Frank E. He played us the initial pitched-up chorus and we wrote the sound around that. It was pretty quick to write in the end actually but took a while to finish the production as we all had different ideas and suggestions.“

Hands (by Mike Perry feat. The Vamps & Sabrina Carpenter)

The song was released by Swedish DJ Mike Perry whilst The Vamps and Sabrina Carpenter were performing together on the European leg of the band’s “The Middle Of The Night Tour“.

This upbeat track came out in May and it was the last single prior to the album’s release date.

Same To You

Another song about regret, this track is directed towards an ex-lover that is missed. James Mcvey, the band’s guitarist, said on their YouTube channel earlier this month:

“A song that kind of resonates with me is a song called ‘Same To You‘. Me and Brad went to Stockholm in Sweden to work with two new guys called Jack and Coke. We basically just started chatting with them and they said they wanted to write a song called ‘Same To You‘ (…) There was an instrument in the corner that was, it was like a piano but it was powered by air. So it was like a wind instrument, so when Brad pressed his foot on the little pedal, that’s when the noise came. I’ve never seen one since or before that day, and it’s quiet a strange, kind of organ sound (…) I’ve always been saying that ‘Same To You‘ was gonna be one of my favorites ones for the fans to hear.”

Paper Hearts

Halfway through the album, this song shows a more vulnerable side. With a softer and less upbeat melody but still quite catchy as it shows the signs of losing someone, missing them deeply and wanting that person back.

Shades On

With a fun vibe that definitely throws it back, this song is one that will have you dancing for sure.

Letting go of the electronic vibe and heartbreak feeling that we listened to so far, you can see the confidence and partying portrayed in this track.

It’s a Lie (feat. TINI)

Featuring Argentinian singer TINI, this song shows the two sides of a blossoming relationship- the chase and the denial in each part but how they’re both falling from one another.


Another soft beat is introduced in this ballad where there’s a begging for forgiveness and a second chance.

Filled with promises, this has to be one of the most romantic tracks in the record.

My Place

Characterizing the feeling of a new found love, this song perfectly describes the way you feel when you’re with someone new and how you don’t want the moments that you spend with them to ever end.

Sad Song

Although the last song in the album has a catchy vibe, it’s another track that talks about the regret of letting someone go and how frustrating it is to not have made things okay when the time was right even if at the moment it seemed better to finish it.

In conclusion, this album has both the known The Vamps’ vibe and new sounds incorporated that makes it incredibly versatile, fun and catchy treating various topics despite talking a lot about heartbreak.

It’s surely worth a listen and if you enjoy it, there are still a few available dates on their world tour!

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