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Old Fashion/Beauty Rules That Should Be Broken

May 15, 20173 min read

We’ve all heard friends, family or even strangers say: “don’t wear that” “It’ll clash” “that’s too much”, etc. That was back in the good ol’ days, or even now people want to play it safe and abide by the old rules. Here are 10 outdated fashion/beauty rules that should definitely be broken

1. Red hair and red lips/clothes:

All my red head girls (and boys) having red hair should never stop you from wearing the colours you like and enjoy. People might say “That’s too much red, it’s too shouty”.

How to break this rule: find the right temperature for you. Not all red hair are the same. If your hair is more pigmented then I suggest wearing reds that match your hair colour. If your hair is less pigmented and more orangey (or blonde ), I suggest you should wear more softer reds….

2. Tame those fizzy locks

Having wild crazy hair was frowned upon, apparently it looked unsophisticated and unkept. I beg to differ… It’s about finding the right amount of frizz to complete your look

How to break this rule: If you already have big curly hair, i suggest that you don’t overdo the frizz, keep it subtle yet still noticeable…

3. Don’t mix navy and black together

People thought mixing navy blue and black together in an outfit was clashing. Now a days it looks more sophisticated and classy.

How to break this rule: Wear a navy blue coat, jumper or bottom, pair it with a LBD (little black dress) or black top and with boots or heels…

4.Wearing a dress? Don’t wear trainers

Wearing a dress meant also wear flats or heels with it, right? WRONG!

How to break this rule: To dress down your look, pair plain trainers with your dress to give a more casual, nonchalant look for days out with friends or to a party…

5. Pajamas are only for sleeping in

If you weren’t sleeping then your pajamas should be safely tucked in your drawers, waiting to ge used at night again. Errr no.

How to break this rule: silk matching pajamas are in trend right now, if not silk then give cotton a try, but be careful for sweat patches! If you don’t want to match, wear you pajama top with a plain bottom, or the other way around. If Rashida Jones can wear her pajamas on the red carpet, then we can wear pajamas anywhere!


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