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“Once Upon a Book Club” Is the Perfect Holiday Gift

December 10, 20194 min read

Imagine that you arrive home one day to find a large storybook on your front doorstep. However, upon looking closer, you discover that it’s not a storybook – it’s the Once Upon A Book Club box!


Once Upon A Book Club is a book subscription box that aims to create a more interactive reading experience. It has been designated as one of O Magazine‘s Best Book Subscription Boxes and celebrated by other publications for its unique approach to its consumers. The service provides both young adult and adult options, but regardless of which genre you choose, it’s bound to be magical.

Each month, subscribers receive a book that was released within the past 60 days, and usually within the same month, in addition to several wrapped gifts corresponding with scenes or objects in the story. Readers also receive a sticker with the author’s autograph on it, which can be placed wherever they may choose. They also receive a quote card highlighting the book’s theme.

Before the subscription boxes are released, Once Upon A Book Club shares hints on their social media for subscribers to determine what title will be the next read. The hint for November’s young adult read was “magical roots,” and the book was revealed to be one about a family of women with mysterious abilities.

That month’s Young Adult box featured A Constellation of Roses by Michelle Asebedo, which was released on November 5, 2019, along with four gifts marked with specific page numbers.

All four wrapped gifts from the November YA box.

The inclusion of gifts is a great decision on behalf of the creators, as it incentivizes readers to continue reading in order to learn what’s inside. To prevent readers from forgetting to open their gifts, there are notes included in the book itself.

For example, on page 38 of A Constellation of Roses, there was a reminder to open the corresponding gift. Upon opening it, I found that the gift was a gold owl necklace reminiscent of the one worn by the protagonist’s cousin.

A gold owl necklace associated with an object in the book.

As the story continued, the other three gifts were revealed: a scarf, tea, and a box of pastels. Rather than just providing artifacts from the book that don’t have much use, the gifts included in each box are functional and can be enjoyed by the reader long after the story has ended.

Aside from enriching the individual reading experience, Once Upon A Book Club aims to foster community among its subscribers through monthly discussions on social media. Each box contains a flyer with information about when the book club meets to discuss each monthly pick. The discussions for November releases, like A Constellation of Roses, are scheduled to take place in mid-December on various social platforms including Facebook and Instagram.

Interested readers have the option of buying a gift box for someone, making a one-time purchase, or subscribing to the monthly service. They can also purchase boxes from previous months.

Once Upon A Book Club would be a perfect gift even for the most reluctant readers, and it’s worth the consideration this holiday season.

December boxes will start shipping on December 17th – what are you waiting for? Check it out today!

Featured Image via @onceuponabookclubbox on Instagram

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