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Panic! In The Elevators: “Grey’s Anatomy” Midseason Premiere

January 19, 20197 min read

Editor’s Note: This article contains spoilers from ABC’s medical drama “Grey’s Anatomy” Season 15 Episode 9.

Waiting for Grey’s to come back after it’s Fall Finale and that cliffhanger was the hardest wait ever. But we’re back now with an all-new episode! A quick recap of the last episode: an intense storm hit Grey Sloan causing the wind to knock down the power lines which caused the hospital to lose power. This left Owen, Amelia, Teddy, and a patient stuck in one elevator, Dr Bailey, Dr Helm, and a patient stuck in another elevator and Meredith and DeLuca stuck in another. Let’s see how this all turns out!

This week’s episode started off with the generators thankfully turning back on, but with everyone still stuck in the elevators. Two minutes in and already the first bombshell: Teddy told Amelia she’s pregnant with Owen’s baby. Yikes. If this isn’t enough drama, they were forced to do emergency surgery on the patient they are stuck with. They were all arguing over their current situation but are also being distracted by the patient they are working on. Amelia was rightfully frustrated at the situation but was very unsympathetic to what Teddy is going through. Though going through a lot of different emotions with finding out he’s a father and performing surgery in an elevator, Owen handles everything really well which shows how much has grown throughout the show.

In the next elevator, Meredith and DeLuca were experiencing some ~tension~. DeLuca opened up about a story about his father who was a famous surgeon in Italy. His father had a mental illness and operated on several patients’ under a manic episode and ended up killing four people, but got away with it because of his money and power. This undoubtedly brought him and Meredith closer, almost causing Meredith to kiss him but instead, she leaned into him to stand up. I really thought they were going to kiss so she really tricked me with that one. I really like Meredith and DeLuca together, they seem to bring out the best in each other.

While Meredith and DeLuca seemed to be unbothered, Dr Bailey and Dr Helm were both having panic attacks over being stuck with a patient whose heart is supposed to be procured for another patient. Dr Helm was listing off all of the worst-case scenarios, which didn’t help Dr Bailey who has been dealing with anxiety ever since Ben became a fireman. Seeing how Dr Helm acts under pressure is very telling, as a surgeon I think she should be able to stay calm under pressure. Finally, Dr Bailey, Dr Helm and their patient are rescued from the elevator and rush to finish the procurement of her heart.

Back with Meredith and DeLuca, they were getting a lot closer and just when I thought they’re about to kiss, the elevator opens and they rush out. They’re really going to drag this out, huh?. Luckily, also Owen, Amelia, and Teddy’s elevator opens and they rush out to finish their surgery. Everyone made it out of the elevators unharmed except for the maintenance worker who helped rescue Dr Bailey, as he’s crawled out of the elevator it came down and crashed down on his legs. This scene was honestly too morbid for me, but what makes it worse is that he tried to warn the doctors about opening the elevator too soon and he’s the one that got injured.

Dr Avery and Dr Lincoln got into the OR right away to help the maintenance worker. Finally, Dr Bailey and Dr Helm were able to procure the heart and Meredith was able to perform the heart transplant on Cece, the matchmaker. Though seemingly great at first, Cece’s surgery goes South. Unfortunately, she didn’t make it out of surgery, and her final scene was with Meredith talking to her and thanking her f0r helping her love life. Cece had been here since the beginning of the season, and seeing her go was really heartbreaking. I was looking forward to her having a full recovery and a happy life, considering how much she helped all of the doctors. Just another one of the unfair deaths on Grey’s Anatomy. Though Cece didn’t make it out, thankfully the injured maintenance worker made it out of surgery and is on the road to recovery.

Even with everything going, Meredith still found herself between the DeLuca and Dr Lincoln love triangle. They are both competing for her attention, as boys do. At this point, DeLuca seems to be winning, but after her long day Meredith blows them both off to go home to her kids. She might have snapped with that one. I’m glad that Meredith is taking time to focus on herself and not rush into anything. (Even though I really want her to end up with DeLuca now, yay Team DeLuca) Though in this particular scene, Meredith was taken back to Derek and the Vet competing for her attention and experiences deja vu. Does she ever get a break?


This midseason premiere was drama packed and did not disappoint. Plenty of tears, laughter, and shocking moments. I liked how even after this intense episode, we end on a positive note with a positive song playing in the background. I am very much looking forward to the second half of this season and all of the drama that will ensue!

Tune in next Thursday to watch Grey’s Anatomy on ABC at 8/7c!

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