Now Reading: Pet Society Game Is Back And Is Now “Pet Paradise”!


Pet Society Game Is Back And Is Now “Pet Paradise”!

July 9, 20182 min read

Pet Society’s coming back? Couldn’t wait any longer! This was one of those Facebook games that everyone was talking about as a kid. As a huge fan of it, I am incredibly excited of how it’ll turn out this year.

The game was launched on Facebook around 2009 by the game developer Playfish. Its layers could interact with their pets by means of giving them names, choosing a gender, and changing their appearances as well. You can also wash, feed, pet, and play with them! Moreover, you are also able to go visit your friends and the stadium to earn what you call Paw Points. Those points are used to level up your pet with new features and a new status.

Sadly, like the other games on Facebook, it closed last June 14, 2013. Playfish Games also became defunct the same day and the whole server shut down 4 days later. It left the players completely devastated (including me).

But, never mind the sadness! With the game making its comeback, the whole Facebook community is QUAKING. Other than that, Pet Society has been renamed as “Pet Paradise”. Now, with another exciting news, you will be able to play it on your phones now! Seriously, my inner child is definitely going back.

They posted the game’s new trailer on Facebook as well and it garnered over 1.7 million views already. They also announced it’s comeback release last 4th of July and will be out on the 25th on the App Store. Big thanks to its new developers, Daniel and Adrian Zazueta Cortez, for making this whole thing possible.

Make sure to mark the launching date on your calendars and set a reminder! I bet each and every one will get hooked again once we can all download it on our phones.

Haven’t seen the Pet Paradise – Virtual Pet official trailer yet? You can now watch it here:

See you all, players!


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