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Portrait of Yosnier: A digital artist on the rise approved by SZA

December 15, 20206 min read

Being pretty fond of art and creative crafts in general, my Twitter feed is not only a reminder that these two sectors are well and alive, but that those who are partaking in them are in many distinctive processes changing the way things have been settled for the past decades. The colorful picturesque paintings we usually find in our local museums, carefully hand-picked by curators and that we so often assimilate to an era far from ours has led to new upcoming digital artists to turn things around. Indeed, these digital arts may not be displayed in the exclusive rooms of the Louvre, but by simply paying relatively small commissions, anyone could have the opportunity to see their idea brought to paper, or in this very case, to screen. Being interested in knowing more about the sector myself and to shine a light on a promising artist, the first person that came to mind was with no hesitation Yosnier, a young multimedia artist that has very recently captured the attention of the critically acclaimed singer SZA  and whom we recently interviewed.

Affinity: Hey! Thank you so much for giving us this interview. First of all, can you present yourself?

Yosnier: Hi, I’m Yosnier and I’m primarily a digital artist based in Tampa, Florida.

A: Can you tell us more about your work and what drove you to start it?

Y: My work is mostly inspired by the absence of love/intimacy. I’ve spoken briefly about this before but I heal through my pieces. My breakup months honestly drove me to create more and my art served as a catalyst for growth.

A: Your art style is pretty unique, what particular aspect would you say inspired it the most?

Y: Genuinely I don’t know. I have an artist that I like named Magritte but our styles aren’t similar at all really. I will say that my art for the most part resembles stained glass.

The Flower of Carnage

A: Do you have something that influences your work, people that made it what it is?

Y: I suppose loneliness. I don’t think I have any direct influences but a couple of records like Magdalene by Fka twigs and CTRL by SZA fueled a couple of pieces.

A: How would you describe the art that you typically make?

Y: They’re just mere reflections of me, they’re pieces of my heart displayed.

A: Do you typically start by sketching on paper or is your art exclusively digital?

Y: I sketch on my phone or write the idea down depending on where I’m at and what I’m doing but my work is mostly digital. I do wish to venture out into the painting realm soon.

A: What is your creative process like? Do you have any tips that helped you?

Y: I generally just have an idea, immediately sketch it and start it a couple of days afterward, most of my pieces are “freestyled” where I sketch a specific part that I want and figure out the rest as I go.

A: How do you feel the Internet has impacted it, especially recently since SZA has taken notice of it?

Y: I think the internet has kinda pushed me to go further. It feels nice knowing that people are rooting for me every day. It was initially hard to not feel any pressure regarding my next pieces but I had to remember that I’m doing this for me and not anyone also. I note this every time but SZA noticing me honestly changed the course of my life at least in my opinion. I’m eternally grateful for the moment.

A: Where do you see yourself and your craft in a few years?

Y: That’s an interesting question. I’m not quite sure honestly. I try not to look too far into the future but I would hope that my contributions, to the world, a few years from now are great.

A: And finally, what advice would you give to someone who wants to start in this field?

Y: Honestly, I would just remind them to create for themselves. followers are important of course for your business/brand but you don’t want to get stuck doing something you don’t particularly want to do. Also always be in learning mode and learn to embrace criticism instead of lashing out. Also, spend time supporting others in the same way you want to be supported 🙂


Check out Yosnier accross the Internet: Twitter / His Creations Portoflio 

All the images in this article belong exclusively to Yosnier.

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