Pride Poems: Violet

June 24, 20171 min read

This is the final selection of the Pride Poems series. This is a poem about the color violet and what it represents. This is a poem about spirit and what it means and is. I feel as though this poem truly is a good note to end on.


What is spirit

I know you can’t hear it

You can’t hold it in a basket

You can’t put it inside brackets

Spirit is something other than this

Something that you can feel, and you can miss

It can also be your characteristics

Your own being, your mortal essence

Spirit is something we all possess

The soul of a person can be quite a mess

It can get confusing and scary, but I digress

A spirit is important, more or less

Spirit can be the way you act

Whether you’re the bully or under attack

Spirit is something that hurts to lack

And once it is gone you can’t get it back

It is your remnants after you die

The thing people look at and wonder why

Your spirit is something you cannot hide

It doesn’t matter if it’s held inside

A soul captured in the confines of skin

It is so much and nothing, I don’t know how to begin

A piece of you enraptured until your final end

Your spirit is something to cherish within

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Cody Dulis

Cody is a LGBTQ+ writer and artist who spends their time writing, drawing, singing until the neighbors complain, and playing instruments. They live in Pennsylvania and they are 15 years old.

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