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Rihanna Stuns With Her Captivating Savage X Fenty Vol. 2 Show

October 6, 20208 min read

Rihanna is a trailblazer in many industries: music, beauty, fashion — just to name a few. Since the release of her latest album, ANTI, she has spread her wings as an entrepreneur. From the sensational Fenty Beauty to designer clothes, her empire has become a major success. She manages to constantly capture the public’s eye, regardless of the project.

While her Savage X Fenty lingerie line has always been sensational, the brand’s newest project has captivated the public. Fashion shows, usually attended by many celebrities and influencers, have been forced to become private events in the era of COVID-19. Rihanna did not let this stop her, though. Her Volume 2 collection’s show aired on Amazon Prime and gave viewers the full experience of a live fashion show — plus more.

Dancing, live music, spoken word, behind the scenes — that’s just a basic overview. Rihanna incorporated classic elements of runway shows, specifically lingerie shows like the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. She had stunning models, but they weren’t all typical or cookie-cutter in their appearance or shape. Entertainment was provided by singers including, but not limited to, Bad Bunny and Rosalía. They were all interactive and a true part of the show, not just a decorative piece.

It was a performance, more so than just a display. It was an experience, rather than just a viewing; more editorial than the typical fashion show.

The Collection

In her first show, Rihanna debuted a collection of classic and sensual styles. It was groundbreaking, regardless of its simplicity—mainly because it was never truly basic. It’s the same with her makeup and clothing line: simple necessities, but with an innovative flair, stemming from their never-before-seen inclusivity and unique designs.

The Savage X Fenty Vol. 2 collection strayed far away from her usual tendencies, though. It was whimsical and playful: completely out of the ordinary. Her colors and designs were both colorful and sleek. She seemingly created the perfect compromise of aesthetics: forest fairy meets dominatrix. No kidding — the models were adorned in both flower petals and chains.

In comparison to mainstream lingerie companies like Victoria’s Secret, it was much more niche and editorial in its designs. A lot of it was wearable, most definitely, but some looks were high-fashion-inspired and meant for aesthetic, more so than everyday use.

Ranging from neon pinks and lilacs, to black leather and fishnets, this collection had it all. Including corsets, robes, teddies, it also featured plain bras and underwear (which were still stunning, of course). It gave options for everyone, not just lingerie enthusiasts. Anyone could find something that suits their style, while simultaneously flattering them.

The Stars Of The Show

Being a star herself, Rihanna has many celebrity connections. She used this perk as an advantage in her casting, scouting many of her famous friends to model her new collection.

The Hadid sisters are veteran Fenty models, with Bella reprising her part in Rihanna’s newest collection. Gigi Hadid had prior commitments to delivering a baby that hindered her presence in the show.

After releasing her documentary detailing the trauma of reform school and childhood neglect, Paris Hilton has been in the headlines recently. She has also been in hot pink fishnets, as well. Being an icon known for her incessant luxury and love for lingerie, she would never pass up such a glamorous opportunity. In moments where she puts on such an upbeat, untouchable persona, it’s easy to forget or even overlook what she’s been through. She discussed this chameleon-like personality change in her documentary, demonstrating she can be both at one: a survivor and an icon.

Her cast included more pop culture legends, such as Demi Moore, Lizzo, and Willow Smith. While these celebrities added an element of glamor to the show, there was a wide demographic of models taking the stage.

A New Approach To Lingerie

In her Prime original, Rihanna claimed, “inclusivity, for me, has always been something that’s second nature.” This has proven true about her and her brand time after time. From having fifty shades of foundation to creating bras in every skin tone, Rihanna has never failed to make all of her buyers feel included.

Her push for inclusivity stems further than just her products, though. She offers a realistic body image and depiction of her audience in her images and presentation. The lingerie industry has always fallen short in the areas of diversity and representation. Its shortcomings are evident in Victoria’s Secret’s intolerance of transgender and prominently plus-sized models in its shows.

Rihanna included models of all sizes, races and genders in her show, as well as past projects. She has not only been consistent in her love and promotion of inclusivity, but strong in it. No token figures of diversity appear in her shows. She has black and Asian women lining the runways, not just scattered here-and-there. She celebrates their roots and completely rejects the idea of a white-dominated industry. While this should already be the standard for the rather exclusive industry, Rihanna is doing her best to make it one of inclusiveness and celebration of difference.

Dear Men, Ditch Your Briefs

When one thinks of lingerie, they have been programmed to image a thin, tall white woman. Rihanna not only changes this image with her inclusivity of different race and sizes, but gender too. Her recent collection includes menswear, including luxe underwear and pajamas.

She gives Calvin Klein’s briefs a run for their money with her sleek designs. They’re gorgeous and elegant, which are not terms often used to describe men’s underwear. They are dark in their color, yet designed with intricate patterns and pops of color, adding a subtle yet sexy look that’s rare in menswear.

The models were presented equally to the females, with no objectification or different treatment. Some men were plus-sized, some were bone-thin — many were ripped. Regardless of their body, they were all confident and powerful in their attire. They were sensual and beautiful, not just posed and oiled up as many ad campaigns do to their male models.

Rihanna is redefining what it means to feel sexy and confident in lingerie. More so, she is redefining who should feel confident after years of conditioning to believe a certain standard and stigma in the fashion industry.

Featured image via Fenty X Savage on Twitter

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