Now Reading: Singer, Caroline Marquard, Talks New Music and Moving from Switzerland to Nashville


Singer, Caroline Marquard, Talks New Music and Moving from Switzerland to Nashville

March 3, 20195 min read

Caroline Marquard is a rising country, pop singer/songwriter whose cover videos have gone viral on YouTube. Although she was born in Switzerland and returned for a while for work, she has made her home in Nashville and is pursuing her passion for music. I sat down with her in light of her debut single, “Not A Rolling Stone,” to talk about music and her plans moving forward.
Could you talk a little about the inspiration behind your debut single, “Not A Rolling Stone”?
The single is all about self-assurance! Remembering the tough times you’ve been through and how they made you strong.

How would you describe your music genre to someone who has never heard it before? 
I’d say my music is country/pop with an Americana flare! Who needs to fit in a box anyway. 🙂
Are there parts of your childhood/upbringing that you pull from for inspiration? How so?
Totally! I think where you come from is a big part of your perspective as a writer. I love talking about places I’ve been, people I love and things I went through in my childhood in my songs.
What inspired you to leave college and move back to Switzerland for a while?
I left college because I realized that I didn’t want to spend any more time in a Classroom, I wanted to learn and start my career in the real world. The month I left, I got the opportunity to work with some awesome people in Switzerland. I had nothing to lose so I went and it turned out to be some of the best times I’ve had so far!
In turn, what inspired you to return to the states and continue pursuing music?
I realized after a year of experimenting writing and recording electronic music with some incredible people that it wasn’t where my heart was at. I couldn’t picture myself on stage with synths, I wanted to play the guitar! I knew I had to go back to the states to make my vision of who I was as an artist a reality.
Talk a little about settling down and calling Nashville home.
I am the biggest fan of Nashville! After my first writing trip, I knew I was going to move. It instantly felt like home. For me at the moment, it’s the best home base. There’s always so much happening and tons of music around! Never a dull moment. Also, everybody is the sweetest.
Would you say your music and writing process is heavily inspired by your location?
I think that has a lot to do with it! I’m a super observant person, so even if it’s just gloomy and rainy outside. The songs I write that day will probably not be the happiest and most upbeat!
What has been the most difficult thing you’ve had to do or obstacle you’ve had to overcome in the music industry?
I think everyone goes through periods of time where all you hear is no. During those moments it can get hard to keep going, so I think those have been my toughest days. I always just keep doing my thing! The right people, opportunities and the “yes” is right around the corner.

Photo Credit: Caroline Marquard

Are you working on any other exciting, forthcoming projects that you want people to know about? 
Yes! I’m releasing a couple of new singles in the next six months, so keep a lookout.
Do you have any advice for aspiring artists?
Just be yourself! I think figuring out what makes you different and then running with that all the way is the best advice I ever got. So, I like to pass that one on!
Any last thoughts?
Thanks for taking the time to speak with me! I appreciate all of the support.
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Photo Credit: Caroline Marquard 


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