Songs For the 2AM Blues

March 25, 20173 min read

Sleepless nights are more common than not for many people. When we can’t seem to sleep, we find ourselves thinking, more specifically, overthinking. We spend the very early morning of our day wallowing in the things we could have done or achieved the mere hours before.

These gems are perfect for when you can’t help but feel those 2 A.M. blues.

  1. Brain – Banks //  “I can see you struggling, Boy, don’t hurt your brain” – This gem from Banks’ first album “Goddess” is perfect for the early morning blues. It starts off with a bit slow, with a strong beat that continues to increase in volume as the song continues, just like many of our thoughts.
  2. Beekeeper – Keaton Henson // “And I’m just getting started, let me offend, The devil’s got nothing on me my friend” – This song’s strong beat and lyrics along with the softness of Keaton Henson’s voice is just a beautiful masterpiece that never ceases to make me feel as if my thoughts are out on display for all to see.
  3. Run For Those Hills Babe – Tom Rosenthal // “The kingdom is yours, the seas the shores, it’s like you’ve only just arrived“ – This beautiful song is perfect for that time of the early morning when you feel as if you just want to escape from everything.
  4. Love – Daughter // “I can’t erase it from my mind, I just replay it, love“ – It’s always inevitable that when we can’t sleep, we somehow end up thinking about that one person who we shouldn’t be thinking about at all. These thoughts may or may not lead to crying, but keep the Kleenex close to you just in case.
  5. I Couldn’t Want You Anyway – Jack Garratt // “Don’t need reminding I’m your worst mistake“ – Now if the last song made you shed a tear or two, this song definitely makes you cry.
  6. So, Down Cold – Liam Bailey // “The breaking hours, Well it should’ve got nice” – This slow song with a jazz-like feel to it is perfect for thinking the rest of the early morning away as you finally start to lull to sleep.

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