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Songs That Will Be Your Next Emotional Remedy

March 11, 20174 min read

As decades pass by, artists rising and others losing their spark, songs becoming less and less meaningful, it is important to take time and look back on some songs and lyrics that can actually make a difference and speak about real issues.

This list of songs could be it, your next emotional remedy that might leave you clutching onto life.


1- Scars to Your Beautiful – Alessia Cara

Not only will its vibe attract all pop music lovers, but also its lyrics are attention grabbing and most importantly, real. It will hold you hostage from its first line to its last. A part of the chorus focuses on the importance of being yourself and putting yourself out there just the way you are, it goes like ‘You don’t have to change a thing, the world could change its heart.’ The song also deals with self-esteem issues, eating disorders and self-harm issues. This song will put you down and lift you up on the same line. It’s a must-listen!


2- Lighthouse – G.R.L

This gem was made in memory of G.R.L’s band member, Simone Battle, who the world lost to suicide on the 5th of September, 2014. This song is the perfect mixture of loss and hope. With its lyrics going like ‘When you feel lost then I’ll reach out, to guide you home with my lighthouse’. You can clearly feel agony in the lyrics over the loss of Simone but at the same time its addressing suicide as an issue and validating anyone going through the same problems.


3- Worth the Fight – Cimorelli

A very beautiful song with powerful lyrics, Worth the Fight will force you to put yourself in the singer’s shoes even if you don’t relate to any bit of it. (In all seriousness, who doesn’t relate?) With its lyrics being both hope-crushing and uplifting at different parts of the song such as ‘Lying on the bathroom floor, thinking there was there nothing left in me.’ and ‘I choose to believe it’s worth the fight, I’m worth the fight’. Listening to this song, I felt healed. I think you might, too.


4- Hold On – Shawn Mendes

With the lyrics “And my dad says ‘Shawn, stay with me, everything will be alright” , this song personally speaks to me on different levels. First, it shows some obstacles that any person could face, with some internal struggles. Second, it contains his father’s words for most of the song and if you’ve never been in such situation, the lyrics will situate you in an alternative universe when you’re in Shawn’s shoes. Everything about this song is appealing and accurate, especially the lyrics ‘I don’t know what you’re going through, but there’s so much life ahead of you.’ This is the kind of song you listen to on your worst, and best days, too.

All in all, I hope this list of songs lifted you up one way or another! I understand that some people don’t ‘need a song to feel validated’ but I hope this list made you feel like it’s okay to feel whatever, and that what you might be going through isn’t anything to be taken lightly. I hope the songs made flowers grow in you like me.

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