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Teen to Teen Interview: The Regrettes Are The Rock Band Not Afraid To Show Emotion

June 10, 20187 min read

The Regrettes are the band you need to know about. This Gen-Z band has been recently dominating the festival scene and are only continuing to rise, from gaining recognition in the L.A. rock scene to touring the world.

On our first segment of “Teen To Teen” (where teen journalists interview cool teenagers in different industries), we chatted with The Regrettes (Lydia Night, Sage Nicolas, Genessa Gariano, Drew Thomsen) at Gov Ball about age, finding their sound, how they came to be and more.

So you just played Gov Ball, how did that feel?

Lydia: Great

Sage: It was really fun. The crowd was super fun, and the stage was huge, so we got to dance all around it, it was really cool. 

How did this festival compare to the other festivals you have played this year? 

Sage: Well we played Coachella this year, this is probably the other big festival this year. Have we done anything else?

Lydia: This was definitely fewer people who knew who we were, but that cool cause we got to introduce people to our music.

Genessa: and win people over.

Sage: and people were still having a great time, yeah so it was really fun.

So this whole came together when you were all really young, so how has age shaped you in making it in this industry?  

Genessa: I think our bodies are springier.

Lydia: We have a lot of energy.

Drew: Yeah we’re very springy.

Genessa: Well we are able to recover.

Lydia: We have to prove ourselves more, so that for sure.

Sage: Yeah, but it just make us want everything more. You know?

Lydia: Yeah

Sage: Our drive is stronger.

What advice would you give other teens hoping to make it in this industry?

Sage: Don’t give up.

Genessa: Be real with yourself.

Sage: Yeah

Genessa: I think that’s something Lydia taught me a lot about being super real about myself.

Sage: Yeah just be really real with who you are, yeah just really obvious things.


You definitely show that in your music, your raw with your music, so how did that come to be?

Lydia: I don’t know, I think I’ve always written from a super personal point and that’s obviously grown with confidence over time but I think it’s really important to. If you have the capability to be true to yourself, in music it is really great because then you can show others.

Sage: Yeah.

Lydia: And not everyone has that.

Sage: Agreed. 

You defined like a rock band, how did you decide to be a rock band?

Sage: I don’t think we ever decided.

Genessa: It’s what we listened, and also we like to play. It naturally, really happened. It’s what we’ve always played, so we are going to continue playing that.

Any future plans, people should know about?

Lydia: There will definitely be stuff released soon, but we can’t say what.

Sage: Lots more shows, thats the plan. Work our butts off.

Lydia: Yeah, work our butts off.

How did your name come to be?

Drew: Oh yeah.

Lydia: I was just randomly sitting in the car and I was trying to come uo with something that just summed up my personality and the music that I write which is like a mix of dark and light. And I don’t know, The Regrettes, that word itself is a super negative kinda darker word, but spelling it like -ettes makes it different.

Sage: It give you an insight into what we sound like.

Lydia: Totally, it’s like a sneaky little peak.

Sage: Sneaky Little Peak [Laughs]

So you described your creative process like your raw and open, what’s the creative process behind coming up with the new music?

Lydia: I feel like we are writing a lot more together now, which is cool and really fun. And I have been doing more of like my take on music, was always like: write a song really fast and leave it. But now I am like enjoying the process of going back. It’s just a song by song thing.

Sage: Its really rewarding I think to finish a song and having some help is super nice…

Lydia: and super fun

Sage: When we are all in a team in a room

Lydia: bouncing ideas off each other

Sage: It makes it really fun.

Genessa: and I think the important thing for songwriting is when your playing you naturally start to doodle, and when your singing you naturally start to noodling around. Like for little guitar lines, I am just sitting there noodling around, and then all of a sudden that turns into something. I think it is just, do it then it will come.

Sage: Trust your instincts.

Genessa: Do it for you.

So it’s just putting your thoughts out there and seeing what sticks?

 Sage: Yeah, just whatever feels good to you, start doing it, see what other people think, and if it’s cool, do it, more! I don’t know.

Genessa: Don’t stop.

Sage: 100 percent. Life Advice.

You can check out more about The Regrettes here.

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