Now Reading: The 1975’s ‘Frail State of Mind’ Music Video is a Trippy Masterpiece


The 1975’s ‘Frail State of Mind’ Music Video is a Trippy Masterpiece

November 22, 20193 min read

On October 24th, 2019, genre-crossing band The 1975 released “Frail State of Mind,” which is the third single from their upcoming album, Notes On A Conditional Form. The band said the song is inspired by U.K. garage in a Dazed interview. They released the music video for the single today, reflecting the title in the video’s chaos.

The “Frail State of Mind” music video starts out black and white in a small room with a camera in the center.  Various papers, flyers, and photos coat the walls while the main focus is flashing images projected on the screen. In this projection, images of the band and random images flicker through.

“Frail State of Mind” feels like a mid-2000s art film pulled from a random undergrad’s final portfolio in the best of ways. A blurry floating head lip-syncs the lyrics in between cuts of the black and white room and bright red lyrics.

Did I mention Matty Healy’s wearing a long red maxi skirt? Well, he looks amazingly disoriented as he crawls on the floor donning chunky silver jewelry looking into the camera, making the audience really feel for his “frail state of mind.”

The song’s soft electronic piano with high-hitting drums is calm yet engaging and the disorienting visuals fit perfectly. Intersperses of a closeup of Matty’s eye rapidly blinking only add to the song’s regretful and nervous tone, “You lot just leave / I’ll stay behind / I’m sorry ‘bout my frail state of mind.”

Screenshot via “Frail State of Mind” music video.

A few moments in the music video are in color, and when they are, it’s the projected slideshow flashing colors of drawings, 3d blueprints, brain scans, and anything else that screams 2000s vaporwave. Matty’s silhouette jumps around in front of the flashing imagery, completely embodying the wreckless nervousness of the song.

Out of all of The 1975’s music videos, this one is the most barebones. There are almost no easter eggs hiding references to previous tracks or eras. The band lays out all of the song’s chaos in front of the audience’s eyes, and if they don’t like it, then oh well. This new era of The 1975 exudes all of the being unapologetic while also being apologetic. The “I’m sorry ‘bout my frail state of mind” idea existing in the same place where the band personifies the intensity of social anxiety.

The 1975 constantly outdoes themselves with their creative music videos. “Frail State of Mind” is definitely one to play on loop during finals week, or at any other time to cheer you up.

Featured image via The 1975’s Frail State of Mind music video.

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