The ABCs of 2017

December 21, 20174 min read

It’s been a pretty crappy year, so to help us reflect on all (good and bad) the things that have happened, Another Round (a podcast by BuzzFeed) released the ABCs of 2017. Here are a few letters which caught my attention:

A is for alternative facts, what everyone now calls lies.

This is so true, because we get told “alternative facts” almost every day. By our schools, social medias, “friends,” random people and even our own family members. It’s about time we start calling out the lies and liars.

D is for debt, which a lot of folks are left in.

The dramatic rise of university fees have left A- level and high school students wary (at least in the UK). Ever since Brexit, everything in Britain has been a bit more pricey, which does a lot more damage than people really let on.

H is for our heroes, who continue to slay it.

Heroes like Obama and his family; heroes like the people who stop to give up their time for homeless people; heroes like the nurses who do a lot but get paid almost nothing; heroes like celebrities and everyday people who fight for equality all over the world; heroes like fire fighters and the handful of police officers who aren’t racist. Yeah, those types of heroes, please keep on slaying.

Worldwide nurses

L is for love to counter the hatred and fighting.

Love is the best way to defeat hate. To approach the negativity that is thrown at you everyday with love and kindness is probably one of the greatest feelings ever.

R is for reading, which is how we stay woke.

Many of us millennials prefer to binge watch Jane the Virgin (I am also guilty of this) than to read the news or a good book. Maybe this is because we are afraid of the bad news and the bad things that are happening in this world; we’d rather laugh and joke. How about instead we read about what is happening around us and stay involved. After all, we are all in this mess together.

Click for woke-ass books

T is for the trash this world becomes if we continue to let it.

I hope you guys aren’t forgetting that global warming is an issue that desperately needs to be addressed. Do your part for our environment! Walk more, use less water; even doing little things like finishing your food to reduce waste could go a long way.

Y is for you still getting up everyday and doing it again tomorrow.

We all have those days where we want to be at home, on our beds, eating junk food and binge watching Stranger Things. Those days can make you feel pretty low; however, if you pick yourself up and do something that is worth your time (even if it’s walk to the park, or a bike ride to school), then you’ll feel 1000x better. Keep on going, you’re doing great.

Break em boundaries.

Break em boundaries.

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