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The Return of the Shelbys: A “Peaky Blinders” Trailer Review

August 2, 20193 min read

It has been almost two years since BBC released the fourth season of Peaky Blinders. The season left many questions unanswered regarding what was the next step for Tommy (Cillian Murphy), and if that really was the last of Alfie Solomon (Tom Hardy). Finally, after a long wait, BBC has released the trailer for season 5 and it is darker than expected.

This trailer shows Tommy fighting the biggest battle yet, and that is the one against himself. Alongside this, the storyline will follow the characters returning to London, only this time due to Tommy becoming an MP. The trailer begins with Tommy being alone which emphasises the idea that he is fighting a battle against himself. Moreover, this dark side of Tommy is hinted through the colour schemes used within the trailer that involve use of mainly greys and blacks- the only real tone of colour is in the fire from explosions. Furthermore, in this season we will be reunited with many of our favourite characters, as well as some new newcomers. The big new names joining the show include Sam Claflin (Hunger Games: Catching Fire), Anya Taylor-Joy (Split), and Brian Gleeson (Logan Lucky). Already from the trailer, Claflin seems to be delivering an amazing performance as the fascist leader, Oswald Mosley. He will potentially be the next opposition that the Shelbys will face. Moreover, the dark tone of this trailer is furthered with an opening crucifixion scene, alongside Tommy later holding a dead figure, which fans speculate to be Tommy’s son Charlie. As a result, it is likely that the content of this new season will be the downfall of Tommy’s character due to the grief and challenges he will face. Though this season will be much heavier, this new trailer already hints that this it will be an amazing season regarding acting, storyline and cinematography. 

This season of Peaky Blinders will be coming soon to BBC, and will be moving from BBC Two to BBC One. Moreover, the trailer will be shown in UK cinemas ahead of Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood. Unfortunately, an exact release date is yet to be announced, and all we can do is hope that it is soon. So far, this season has already premiered the first episode at both Birmingham (July 18th) and BFI Southbank, London (July 23rd), both which received highly positive feedback. Therefore, we can expect a good start from Steven Knight‘s fifth season of Peaky Blinders.

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