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The Winchester’s New Vibe: A Review of “Supernatural” Season 14 Episode 1

October 13, 20188 min read

Editor’s Note: This article contains spoilers from Supernatural’s Season 14 Episode 1.

Supernatural’s season 14 just aired today with an impressive first episode. Before we get into season 14, let’s do a little recap of season 13’s finale. In the finale, the Winchesters and the refugees from the Apocalypse World managed to escape and settled in the Man of Letter’s bunker. Turned out, one of the refugees, Maggie (Katherine Evans), was killed. She was resurrected and it was pointed out that Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino) was her killer. At the same time, Michael (Christian Keyes) from the Apocalypse World attacked the bunker. Lucifer’s actions were discovered and he was also too obsessed with his son’s power, he took Jack’s angel grace (Alexander Calvert), leaving him human. After that Lucifer teleported Jack and Sam (Jared Padalecki) to an unknown church, leaving Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Michael on the bunker. Dean and Michael had the same urge to kill Lucifer so Dean agreed to let Michael possess his body and be Michael’s vessel. In the end, Lucifer was killed but Michael broke the deal, used Dean as his vessel, disappeared and ending season 13.

A scene from the Season 13 finale. Photo via the CW official website

Episode one started with Dean as Michael’s vessel visiting a man and asking what does he want. His answer doesn’t satisfy him and he labels the man as “not worth saving”. Michael has been doing this, visiting people and asking them what they want the most in life. He has been doing this for three weeks right after he disappeared after beating Lucifer. While Sam, Castiel (Misha Collins) and Ketch (David Haydn-Jones) are busy finding Dean in different places. After his powers were taken by Lucifer, Jack is trying to adapt on being human. Castiel tried to find Dean by asking a demon called Kip (Dean Armstrong) and turned out to be a trap and keeping him as a “bait” because he wanted something with Sam.

On the other hand, Michael visits Sister Jo (Danneel Ackles) or the angel Anael. Again he asked her about what does he want. She lied but he knows the truth. Her true wish made her also “not worth saving” since her wish is too “human” for an angel. Lucifer might be dead but his vessel, Nick, lives and is still portrayed by Mark Pellegrino. Sam, alongside with Mary Winchester (Samantha Smith), Bobby (Jim Beaver), Maggie and Jack, met with Kip and learnt that he wanted to be the king of hell since it was kingless and he wanted to work with Sam but, of course, he refused Kip’s deal. This episode ended with Sam getting a call from Sister Jo and Michael visiting someone finally “worth saving”. This someone turned out to be a vampire and Michael looks forward to working with them because their wish it was only to survive and it made them worth saving.

The vibe in this episode is not too heavy and simple but the tension will still put you in the edge of your seat. Andrew Dabb did an amazing job on making Dean as the vessel of Michael. He is very different than the original Dean and so much more like Michael; cold, straight-forward, not very friendly. The difference between the normal Dean and the Dean as the vessel of Michael is very visible it can actually make you have goosebumps the moment he started speaking or just casually stands. He also did an amazing job of making Jack being so desperate and scared of adapting to himself being powerless and graceless. Also, the tiredness and sadness that Sam experienced were perfectly composed.

Aside from those scary and sad things, there are too some sassy and funny dialogues. The sass and humor that caught my attention was when Kip, the demon, finally meet Sam, he declared that he was a fan of Sam and he mentioned that Sam was “his Beyonce” and he also mocked Asmodeus, the previous king of hell who died burning, as “Kentucky fried” it may not have a lot of sass but it will definitely make you giggle in the middle of the tension that was going on. This episode was also filled with action but I feel like they can do better with the fights and the tension in it. I also feel like Supernatural has gotten more family-centred lately and it is actually an impressive context to put up. This episode is a perfect example of this new season.

I will definitely give Jensen Ackles the nomination as the star in this episode. He might not appear all the time in the entire episode but him acting as a different, colder version of Dean is an acting deserves to be applauded too. Jared Padalecki also delivers the tired, desperate version of Sam impressively. Mark Pellegrino was also amazing. He had to play a totally different character. From the devil himself, Lucifer, to an ordinary human that Lucifer used to use as his host on earth. I will also give 10/10 to Dean Armstrong for portraying Kip, the new demon. Kip is killed in this episode but I will not mind seeing him again in future episodes. Unfortunately, Samantha Smith’s acting was slightly boring and kind of monotone. Hopefully, she will be given more amazing scenes that will make her, acting pop out.

The next episode is called “Gods and Monsters.” This episode is directed by Richard Speight Jr. who used to play as the archangel Gabriel and will air on October 18th. Mark your calendars and make sure that you don’t miss an episode of this always impressive TV show.

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