Now Reading: The Winner of Boston Calling Is… IKEA! (Seriously Check This Out)


The Winner of Boston Calling Is… IKEA! (Seriously Check This Out)

May 25, 20181 min read

Hammocks. Ping pong. A personal DJ. Strobe lights. And good vibes. That’s what you will find (and more) at the IKEA Food and Music Labs at Boston Calling this weekend.

Regarded as a “festival within a festival,” walking into the IKEA space feels like you are walking onto a new planet — one where the Top 100 songs are blasting and you can chill in a cozy corner. (Plus there are some great food options, like a sweet veggie dog for $4 or a FREE pouch of delicious air pressured veggies.)

To find the incredible spot, it is halfway between the pathway from the Blue Stage to the Red and Green Stages. If you’re lost, listen for the dance party.

“IKEA is curious about everyday life, wherever it is. We’re coming to Boston Calling to learn and interact with people around things we know are core in life: music and food.”

— Marcus Engman, Head of Design at IKEA

Here’s an awesome recap video that we posted to our Instagram story (follow us as we cover the behind-the-scenes of Boston Calling this weekend and more festivals throughout the summer!):

And check out some awesome photos below:

Photos Courtesy of Author (Tommy Bruzzese)

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