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Tips on Making the Most Out Of Your Concert Experience!

June 27, 20176 min read

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Going to your first concert soon? Maybe you actually go to a lot but never quite figured out how to “do it right”? Well, here are some of my tips on making the most out of your concert experience, as they are my absolute favorite thing in the world.

Memorize the artists songs before you go. If you’re going to a concert where you don’t really know the artist very well, you should definitely do your homework before and memorize their songs. It is 100x better if you can sing along with the artist during a concert, whether you’re being forced to go by one of your friends or not. It’ll make the experience a lot more enjoyable.

WEAR COMFORTABLE CLOTHES AND SHOES. I know I sound like a mom lecturing you, but I cannot stress this enough. I once wore high heeled boots to a concert and I was so mad at myself by the second song. Sneakers are key, you’ll be on your feet a lot. I would wear a t-shirt, shorts and sneakers to an indoor venue, as it will get very hot. I would wear layers to an outdoor venue depending on the weather.

BRING WATER. I know I’m a mom again, but trust me, water is absolutely essential. The first few concerts I went to I didn’t bring water and I hated myself for it at the end of the night. Just please, either bring it or buy it at the venue. You’ll thank me later.

Bring a small bag. Don’t bring a huge backpack, just bring something that can hold your ticket, keys, ID, water, and a portable phone charger.

Eat something before you go. This may just be me, but sometimes I am so excited before concerts that I don’t feel hungry. If you’re feeling that way too, you need to force yourself to eat just a little something before you go. It’s so important.

Get there relatively early. I know that this is easier said than done, especially depending on the day of the concert or your ride situation or many other factors. However, if you can go early I would definitely recommend it. This way, if you need to park you can easier, and you can get a feel of the venue if it is a venue you have never been to before. It makes the experience a lot more relaxing. Plus you never know who you might meet. 🙂

Be nice to everyone! I know this seems like a given, but sometimes people at concerts can be crazy. If you’re in a pit with a ton of people try not to shove each other too much, and be understanding if someone steps on your foot by accident.

Don’t be afraid to make friends! Even though some can be crazy, most people at concerts are very friendly because they are so happy to be there! Concert buddies are so much fun and relatively easy to make!  Plus nothing brings people together better than a common interest, and you’re sharing an interest with thousands of people at once.

Don’t record the whole thing! Living in the moment at concerts is so important, and recording it on your phone is not the way to do it. I usually just record the first 10 seconds of a song I really want to remember or take a few pictures if the artist is on my side of the stage, but I never record the whole thing. I honestly never find myself watching old concert videos, but maybe that’s just me. Remember, you can usually find videos of the concert on Twitter.

HAVE THE BEST TIME EVER! Concerts are my absolute favorite thing ever. The energy there is so amazing because mostly everyone wants to be there and it’s just a night of singing and dancing and having the best time ever. Plus I’m a huge fangirl so seeing some of my favorite artists in person is one of the biggest honors ever.

Don’t be sad if you have a little ‘post-concert sadness.’ It’s a given that you’ll feel a bit sad after it’s all over, but don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened! Plus, odds are your favorite artist will come back eventually, so now you can look forward to that and all the other ones coming up in the future.

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