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Top 10 ‎Arts & Culture Apps to Broaden Your Horizons

July 7, 20206 min read

Sometimes it takes your phone to become a better person and learn from the past. Art and culture are what defines people as it shows one’s past, present and possibly defines the future. It forms an invisible bond that brings people together, and it is vital to understand to interact well with others. 

You do not have to travel the world to understand this as there are apps that can be used right in the comfort of your home. Here are the top 10.

Google Arts and Culture

Google art and culture app is the best for art enthusiasts. It provides in-depth and all-encompassing art exploration around the world. You get to know which famous piece of art resembles you the most with the ability to view even the Van Gogh’s Starry Night closely. The app contains databases for art references.

Art Book Apps

Art Book App publishes artistic work online by working directly with various artists. It combines text with visual images and videos to make it enjoyable to read about arts. The global collection and rare pieces are brought together for everyone to experience in the current universal digital world. 

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Artsy is an application that provides up-to-date gallery coverage. It has over 250,000 artworks and in-depth coverage of shows, fairs and exhibitions. The app is compatible with both android and iPhone devices, and one can discover, appreciate and purchase artwork using the mobile devices. It puts the art world right at your fingertips.

Art Set

The art set is an ideal app for those aspiring to create their artwork. All art tools are put under one application with pastels, paints, pens and pencils, fluorescent and metallic colors, high-resolution canvas and five blending tools provided for aspiring artists to get started. Basic versions are free, but the full ones come at a price. 

Musée du Louvre 

Musée du Louvre is an excellent app for those who are unable to tour the world for one reason or the other. You get current exhibitions and browse lots of masterpieces with high resolutions. 

There is an opportunity of getting expert information about the museum’s prestigious history. Historic images can be downloaded and used on smartphones.


Pinterest is for those who love to incorporate culture and art into their routine through DIYs. The app presents many culture-inspired crafts, clothing, hairstyles, and furniture projects, among others. 

If you want some inspiration on room renovations, Halloween costumes, dinner party or anything, then Pinterest has got you covered. The app can be downloaded on mobile devices for easy accessibility.


Tastemade allows you to get a taste of food from around the world. It is for food lovers who want to try different recipes taken by people of various cultures. The app incorporates a travel video that features dishes from different countries. Finding healthy alternatives and getting inspirations for the next meals are all in the app. 


Pitchfork is a perfect app for musicians who like to know the history of their favorite musicians and even fall in love with the new ones. 

You get reviews of different music, including pop and rock, from experts with lists and guides for selecting the best. The app is trusted in the music industry as they provide an independent opinion on various aspects of compositions. 


Trover is an app that puts everything in place for travel lovers. It helps you discover your favorite next travel destination by a click of a button. There are thousands of photos from other travelers globally that allow one to have a feel of different cultures and make a decision on their travel preferences. 


Poetry app is for poet lovers who want to access a database of contemporary and classic poems right at their fingertips. The app is organized by mood and themes, allowing one to select them accordingly. 

Memorable lines can be used to search the somewhat forgotten favorites while exploring the new poems enabling one to keep up-to-date with cultural shifts. 


With the current digital world, the culture and art apps help broaden your horizons right at your fingertips. You get to learn various cultures and experience different arts by downloading the apps on your mobile devices. Even food lovers are not left behind as Tastemade enables one to prepare different delicacies with ease. Download the apps and appreciate different cultures in style!

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