Train Wreck

August 1, 20171 min read

lower case intended.

the strum of a guitar was heard in between the giggles of the smiling girl and the busy train.

cupcake in hand, jade and her bandmates switched to a new wagon.

it took them a while to start playing. the people around thought it was the state of the train to blame but there was something deeper behind.

jackson was pissed. like every single time jade even took a breath close to ben.

jack and jade had been friends for years. they met in primary school and decided to run away from their homeland once they both got the big eighteen. meeting ben along the way and letting him join them. they’ve been playing in different trains and pubs every since.

there has always been a certain rivalry between the two guys and although jade never fully understood why it almost felt like a natural thing now but i guess their patience ran low that day.

no one more than jade’s lovers knew how it all started but the argument heated rather quickly. discarding their instruments fast, they got closer and closer to each other as jade’s heart rate when up along with everyone’s else who was watching.

perhaps, no one was expecting the sound of skin slapping was going to be caused by a loving and truthful kiss.

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Belén Villalobos

nineteen years old from ba. usually overly caffeinated writing short stories about people she sees on trains.