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Vinyl You Need To Buy For Record Store Day 2018

April 17, 20183 min read

A paramount day for music lovers and vinyl collectors everywhere is just around the corner. Record Store Day 2018 takes place this Saturday virtually anywhere where physical copies of music are sold.

If you’ve never heard of this, let me break it down for you. Every year, the first being 2007, independent record stores and employees participate by selling exclusive vinyl, CDs, and other special releases made exclusively by different artists for that day. Past lists of artists have included a diverse variety — The Cure, Bruce Springsteen, David Bowie, J Dilla, and more. The list of releases gets bigger and arguably better every year, ultimately creating a reason for music junkies to come together annually. You essentially camp out (if needed) at your local record store and try and score your favorite records off of that list. Since the list can be overwhelming, today we’re breaking down 6 standout LPs that you won’t regret treating yourself to.

1. Phoenix – Monologue

The prettiest 7-inch single you could own. Indie-pop band Phoenix is releasing this special pressing of a “Monologue,” an unreleased track off of Ti Amo.

2. Mac DeMarco – This Old Dog Demos and Beat Happening Covers

Mac DeMarco and Shamir teamed up and covered songs from indie pop band Beat Happening. Mac gave “Indian Summer” a twist and Shamir took on “Run Down the Stairs.” Mac DeMarco will also be releasing demos off of his 2017 album, “This Old Dog.”

3. Run The Jewels – Stay Gold Collector’s Box

Run The Jewels made sure to deliver this year. The RSD 2018 ambassadors are treating fans to an exclusive LP box set. Limited to 5000 units, it is most definitely worth grabbing. The set even includes custom Marvel artwork.

4. Johnny Cash – I Love You Because / You’re The Nearest Thing to Heaven

Colored vinyl is always a plus, but even more so if its Johnny Cash.

5. Madonna – The First Album (Picture Disk)

No record collection is complete without some classics. A replica of Madonna’s first album will be released exclusively on a 1983 Japenese picture disc format.

6. The Maccabees – Wall of Arms (Picture Disk)

Rock band The Maccabees are releasing a vibrant picture disc of their second album. With only 1800 of these available, these are a must-have for fans.

If you’re planning on participating, make sure you give your local record store a call and ask how they have the day set up. Get a couple buddies together and figure out whether or not camping out that morning is needed. Visit the official Record Store Day 2018 site and check out the full list here.

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