We Are Not To Be Condemned

August 16, 20173 min read

When speaking about the Nazi white-supremacists in Charlottesville, Donald Trump made the statement “there were good people in that group”. This hit me heavy. I am a biracial Mexican-American man. My family is full of hard working Mexican-American people. They have done nothing wrong, they work hard, they do not harm anybody. But yet Donald Trump still hunts them down every single day to deport them to Mexico. Tr*mp has made no plans to target these Nazis whose sole purpose is to harm and kill people of color. Tr*mp has even developed a hotline specifically for crimes acted by Mexican Americans. I’m going to be real, this hurt me. To know how hard it is for Mexican Americans in this country, to be deemed criminal and “illegal alien” as a whole. Then to see the same person who made those accusations turn around and claim innocence in the actions of Nazis, was like I got shot right in my chest.


“They’re bringing rapists, drug dealers, and murderers”


Look at us,

You see pain, sweat, and emptiness in our eyes,

You see long days baking in the sun,

You see foreign language and brown skin,

You see delicious food but don’t see valuable people,

Well, valuable to use but not valuable to love,

Look with us,

We see,

Boarded up windows,

Hiding in blankets and heaters,

Won’t be safe when ICE is near,

Mother’s screaming Father’s struggling

Seeing babies being dragged away,

Rustling with morals and obstacles,

Versus dreams America promised us,

Chew us up and spit us out,

We must not taste as good as our food,

Biting the hand that feeds you,

Who is feeding who,

We is feeding you,

Coming to do your dirty work,

Not corruption and lies like you,

Dirty work with no showers,

On the corner selling fruits and flowers,

While you slaughter us because we are your cash cow,

Up until now,

We haven’t woken up from this nightmare,

You made us think this all that we could be,

Crossing long deserts,

Trenching through dirt,

Just to be demonized,

That really hurt,

But in your eyes Nazis deserve more,

That is absurd,

We are not meant to serve,

We were Aztec architects,

Royalty turning the tables,

Mexican Americans rise,

Watch everything fall,

We aren’t tools for the manifestation of greed,

They tried to bury us.

They didn’t know we were seeds.

Trump bit the hand that feeds him,

Now watch him starve and cry,

Mexican Americans rise,

ICE needs to hide,

Border heat,

No more being victims of freeze,

We will be free.

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