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Who Is LU? An Interview With The Incredible Alternative R&B Artist

August 12, 20173 min read

Luchana Shaw (known by her stage name ‘”LU”) is a fresh alternative R&B artist hailing from London. An alumnus of the prestigious BRIT School, she has embarked on a path of self-discovery through her music, image and personal values.

Her SoundCloud and YouTube have amassed over 100,000 plays with her renditions of Special Affair by The Internet and Hold On, We’re Going Home by Drake, helping her cultivate a fan base of her own.


After taking a trip to Los Angeles, she has returned to the U.K. with a profound motivation to succeed and with a broader outlook on life itself. Her trip to LA was a much-needed one, as she found herself dealing with a range of emotions that she hopes to channel through her music.

I’d been stuck in the doldrums in a lot of different ways, but especially musically. I had all these tracks laid down and they were very much inspired by those difficult emotions that come into play in everyday life, but on my trip to LA I just re-discovered my youth as ridiculous as that sounds. I realised that I’m 19, not 91 and that I need to take stock of who I am, what I want and what art I want to produce. When I got back I just continued that carefree nature that I was turned on to in the States and it just gave everything a new meaning and allowed me to view myself and my art in a different way.” 

— LU

Her brand new single Bad Habits encompasses her new perspective on life, which she now uses to create music:

It’s very much about me embracing my youth, but also being realistic with expectations in everyday experiences. The irony in the hook basically is a result of me being very observant of what’s going on around mewhere people are basically fronting and acting like money grows on trees so blowing it is the norm, when in fact there’s a reality in play that dictates how you actually need the money to live. But there’s another side to it all where I’ve definitely fronted that I have this boujee lifestyle, but in fact it’s just me and a couple friends acting like #queens in the back of an Uber, but hey it’s all fun really.”

— LU

Stream her new single Bad Habits:


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