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Why Capris Are PERFECT For That Awkward Time Between Summer And Fall

August 29, 20183 min read

We all know that phase between late August- mid September where the weather is a weird combination of Summer and Fall. It’s too hot to wear jeans, but it’s too chilly to be wearing summer shorts which is WHY I’ve been a really strong supporter of capris and YOU SHOULD TOO!

Capris tend to have a bad reputation in today’s society so I will aim to disprove everything that the haters are saying. I’ve broken down this post to 4 major points that will hopefully accentuate how capris are the best and why they should become a fashion staple for this time of year.

1.) They’re comfortable

Wearing capris gives you a sense of freedom and liberation that isn’t quite accomplished with shorts or pants. You don’t have to worry about anything spicy being shown because capris basically cover everything from your knees up. Many fabrics are also extremely comfortable and are quick dry and lightweight.

2.) There are literally so many different types of capris

Capris come in all sorts of materials, lengths, colors and designs. From a quick internet search, I have easily found jean capris, capris for the gym, baggy capris, I could go on. Basically, there are essentially capris for every outfit and personality out there and I’m sure that there are a pair of capris somewhere that will fit your fashion sense.

3.) Ideal for the weather- and school!

Like I stated before, the weather during this time of year is a strange combination of hot and cool. This time is where capris are made to shine. They are extremely comfortable (see number one), and especially ideal for school. Schools are basically infamous for blasting their AC when the weather is warm, and I often find it conflicting deciding what to wear to stay warm in school but also cool when I’m outside. Capris somehow manage to conquer this and provide convenience in all of these situations. They provide daylong comfort and convenience both in and out of school.

4.) Convenience for everyday activities.

I could literally go on and on about how capris have honestly saved me in soooo many of my activities but I’m just going to name a few and let you brainstorm your own ideas.

  • Prevents thigh chafing when walking/running
  • Biking is a breeze
  • You don’t have to shave knee up
  • No sunburns or bug-bites in the thigh region

All in all, capris are great for a lot of reason and don’t deserve the hate they get.

Being an avid Capri wearer myself, I hope you’ve found a new appreciation for capris and fight to make it the fashion icon it is.

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Katherine Li

Katherine is 15 years old and currently living in MA. She is a Costco enthusiast, as well as an advocate for capris. You can contact her through email at [email protected]

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