May 12, 20173 min read

In this world, there are people, like me, that often suppress their emotions for far too long. You only have so much space inside of yourself that can hold anger in. Just like all things that go up must come down, all things that get pushed down will rise again. Overall, this is a poem I wrote about anger and bottled up emotions. I hope you can relate and don’t be mad at yourself for exploding sometimes. If you are to take anything from this poem, it would be to not bottle your feelings up. I’m still learning how to not do that myself, but that is life, a learning process.


I can’t believe you let it get this bad.

I am mad.

I am more than mad.

I am a fire.

I am the flames that tear down whole forests.

I am a wildfire.

Forests that grew for hundreds of years

dismantled in an hour.

Guess that goes to show how quick things can change.

How quick the green turns to ash.

How something as small as a flickering flame can grow out of control.

Maybe that’s what this was,

a minor flame that grew

because of you.

The heat intensifies as it’s gets larger

as it rips the whole forests apart limb from limb.

When the flame gets too big that simply saying sorry won’t make it stop.

Is that what it takes to make you feel me?

I promise that is when you will feel me.

You will feel me like a crashing wave in a hurricane.

You will feel me like a tropical storm as you get engulfed by a tsunami.

You will feel me like splitting asphalt trying to swallow you in the middle of a earthquake.

You will feel me like every natural disaster came knocking on your door unexpectedly.

I am a wildfire.

I will seem to blow up out of nowhere

and initially you will want to be mad at me

but, make sure you remember

who forgot to put out the first flame.


My name is Rian Smith, and I hope you enjoyed my poem, thank you for viewing. To view more follow me on Twitter or check out more work here.

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