Now Reading: Zara Larsson Gets Bashed by Haters for Giving Her Opinion on “13 Reasons Why”


Zara Larsson Gets Bashed by Haters for Giving Her Opinion on “13 Reasons Why”

April 21, 20173 min read

Things were not “So Good” for the Swedish pop singer, Zara Larsson, when she quoted a tweet on Twitter asking for her opinion on Netflix’s newest TV series, 13 Reasons Why. The show, partly produced by Larsson’s pop colleague, Selena Gomez, has received mixed reviews – the positive reviews praising the show for encouraging awareness on teen suicide, but it contrarily received extreme amounts of negative reviews bashing the show for romanticizing teen suicide.

In the tweet, Larsson says:

In these two tweets, Larsson makes it obvious that these are just her opinions, meaning they are not factually based. Obviously, opinions vary, but Larsson’s opinions are valuable to her and did not need to be argued with. Larsson says:

“But thats just me”

Further tweets aimed at Larsson included:

@zaralarsson it’s ur opinion but watch the whole thing before b

Therefore, Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift’s (Gomez’s friend) aimed several tweets at Larsson, bashing her for bullying her pop colleagues and stating her unappreciated opinion.

All of the hate from Selena, Taylor, and 13 Reasons Why fans urged Larsson to delete nearly all of her tweets (except some from 2015 and prior).

The singer was bombarded with so many messages like the one above that it caused her to delete all of the tweets from her account and start from scratch. She even clarified her thoughts and said she loved Selena and Taylor Swift before deleting all the tweets she sent out prior to the arguments she got into regarding the show.

However, before she deleted all of her tweets, she proclaimed her love for Taylor and Selena, and how her opinions of 13 Reasons Why do not interfere with her respect for the two pop singers.

To Larsson’s aid, her fans reached out to her and showered her with messages of positivity. One tweet, calling out Larsson’s haters for being hypocritical, said:

Y’all bullied Zara Larsson off twitter while defending a show about bullying

Although 13 Reasons Why has received many positive reviews, it is definitely open to varying opinions and negative views regarding its romanticization of teen and revenge suicide. Larsson is entitled to her opinion, and she does definitely not deserve any of the hate she received for stating that she does not like the concept of 13 Reasons Why.

In times like these, we must remember to value people and their opinions instead of pitting female pop stars and colleagues against each other for sport.

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