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Zombies, Witches And Stevie Nicks?- A Review of “AHS Apocalypse” Episode 5

October 12, 20186 min read

Editor’s Note: This article contains spoilers from American Horror Story Apocalypse Episode 5.

Boy (I) Wonder why we’re back in the past… I guess we still need a lot more backstory before we see the battle to end all battles. In this week’s episode, we are introduced by a post-passed out Cordelia (Sarah Paulson), awakening in a Stephen King‘s The Mist-like remains of where Miss Robichaux’s Academy once lay, only to then be eaten alive by the walking dead. That’s no surprise as Gwyneth Horder-Payton has directed a few of episodes from that show.

Hold your horses, it was just a nightmare or maybe a premonition of what is to come? Back to past-present, The Coven has been reunited, but what about Misty?

Back to Miss Robichaux’s Academy, and Myrtle (Frances ) isn’t happy. Allowing a boy to take the test of 7 wonders is a grand mistake, but in Cordelia’s case it might be an unselfish act to save everyone. Mallory interrupts the discussion, announcing that there is a new student awaiting Cordelia’s introduction. Welcome Coco St. Pierre Vanderbilt, with your magical abilities to become a gluten-free detector, you are perfect for the academy.

Meanwhile, in Hawthorne’s school, John Henry (Cheyenne Jackson) sees Langdon’s demonic side. In an attempt to warn Cordelia, non-robotic Miriam (Kathy Bates) plays a helpless victim at a petrol station, only to trick him into burning him alive. That’s one less problem for Langdon (Cody Fern). More shockingly, we learn that grand chancellor Ariel (Jon Jon Briones) was also in on this betrayal. I guess for him, it is all about the male superiority within the witch and warlocks society.

Horder-Payton entertainingly uses a Charlie Chaplin styled short in order to display the test of 7 wonders.In this short, silent film, we see Langdon perform a variety of magical tests in front of the witches and warlocks. Fortunately for Langdon, he succeeds in passing all six tests. However, his final test is far from easy as Cordelia is making him prove his extent of power by getting him to fetch Misty (Lily Rabe) from hell. This will not be an easy task,  it could, after, be fatal. Through the doors of hell, we find Misty in a science lab being forced to dissect a frog, and then rebelliously resurrecting it on repeat. Langdon, however, puts her out of her misery, by gruesomely dissecting the teacher. Who would have thought that they would meet a harsher hell than the one they were already living in.

An out of breath Langdon reappears with the beloved Misty- This clearly was a challenge that even he struggled with. The witches greet their old friend with joy, but push that aside, because there is a more pressing issue: With Misty back, is Langdon now the supreme? And will Cordelia fade away as other supremes have? We are soon put out of our misery of questioning as Cordelia confronts the girls, announcing that all along she has her suspicions of Langdon and that her only reasons for allowing him to take the test, was in order to find out what they were fighting against.

At dinner, a big surprise appears: The white witch aka Stevie Nicks. She sings us all a beautiful lullaby to allow us all to rest before the war begins.  Quite a happy ending, in addition to what is to come. Meanwhile, Cordelia instructs Madison (Emma Roberts), who is unhappily partnered up with Behold Chablis (Billy Porter), to go to the place “where it all began.” – The story, and the series… Next stop is Murder House.  What ever could have happened in a house that led to the end of the world?

Overall, this episode had some amazing cinematography, acting, reprises and the general screenplay was clearly well written. These factors allowed it to score a 9.2/10 on IMDb, not quite as high as last weeks, but still very satisfactory! From last weeks promo, I think we all suspected that this episode would be the beginning of the battle between the witches and the Antichrist. This weeks promo suggest that we can expect a further backstory, but not to worry, we will be revisiting my favourite season (Murder House). I’m sure we will earn more juicy gossip surrounding the world of AHS and seeing some more season crossovers. One question I most certainly have: Could Michael Langdon be the baby that was born in season one? His surname is Langdon after all! Stay tuned to find out what the next chapter of this season has in stock for us all!–jKZ_/?taken-by=thehorrorstory

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