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Evelyn Atieno

Evelyn Atieno

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Drebae Masters The Art of Social Media

It’s very rare that you meet genuine and positive people in this world, Deandre Clark (popularly known as Drebae) is one of them. Dre is an unapologetic queer and black makeup artist who is never afraid to tell his 79,000+ followers his views about the world. He is known for his witty tweets and hilarious stories. Though the fame has bought him notoriety, he is still just trying to figure out where he fits in this chaotic world.Did you expect to gain such a big following on social media?I didn’t

Court Kim Proves She Can Do It All

Court Kim is many things, a talk show host, creative and model; but she wants to be even more, she plans on world domination. On Her Early Years I was raised in a mostly white area in Roswell, Georgia. It was a good stable area. The only thing I felt was missing throughout my life was my identity. For the longest time I didn’t know who I was, it used to eat me up. Even though I was well liked, I never felt like myself.When you’re living in an area with mostly white people, you assimilate but wh

Malajah Iman Nixon Tells Stories With Her Photos

Malajah Iman Nixon is an 18 years old photographer from Texas Where are you from? Dallas is mostly where I shoot (30 mins away from my home). In Dallas theres a place called deep Ellum where its known for its  graffiti ,street murals, art galleries and concerts. I feel like the dark fun environment has influenced my work a lot my pictures tend to be vibrant in color but still a dark dim setting or mood Biggest moment in your art career so far? I haven’t had a big moment yet besides going viral

Claudia Newsome Finds Her Art Style

Claudia Vie Newsome is a young artist from Baltimore, Maryland. Follow her on Instagram @newviee Does your city influence your art? The city just like so many other areas shows you different walks of life. I’m greatly influenced by everyday things and people down to the smells of food and jewelry I see a person wear. Cities are built from all backgrounds and cultures; I seem to appreciate them equally because there’s so much you can learn. The biggest moment in your art career? For me personall