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Malajah Iman Nixon Tells Stories With Her Photos

November 28, 20174 min read

Evelyn Atieno

Malajah Iman Nixon Tells Stories With Her Photos

Malajah Iman Nixon is an 18 years old photographer from Texas

Where are you from?

Dallas is mostly where I shoot (30 mins away from my home). In Dallas theres a place called deep Ellum where its known for its  graffiti ,street murals, art galleries and concerts. I feel like the dark fun environment has influenced my work a lot my pictures tend to be vibrant in color but still a dark dim setting or mood

Biggest moment in your art career so far?

I haven’t had a big moment yet besides going viral; my pinned tweet got over 24,000 rts. I am very hard on my self when it comes to being successful so I treat everything as a stepping stone to where I wanna go. Progress wise I’ve been climbing up multiple ladders in the photography world working with big local artist.

Where do you do your work most of the time? 

Photography is my full time job so Im always on my laptop or holding my camera. I still am a freelance photographer but sometimes during my free time I shoot for Therefinedrebles— a group that helps indie artist come up in the industry

What moves you most in life, either to inspire or upset you?

I inspire myself, my whole life I felt I lacked originality because I was so worried about what everyone would think of me.

Photography allows me to can create whatever I want and I show my personality through my photos.

Where do you feel art is going? 

I feel my art could expand to magazines or billboards I’ve always wanted to be a published photographer.

What techniques do you use? 

I don’t like taking simple poses. I like to make sure my photos stand out.  I shoot for creativity. You wouldn’t see me shooting senior pictures or anything of that sort because it seems dull to me. Whenever I take a picture, I don’t know how it’s gonna come out because its not the same process every time.

I think how can i make this eye catching then go from there.

Where comes your inspiration from when you are creating your art?

Editing is my favorite part because thats what make my photos stand out the most. The tools I use are a basic t3i canon and a 24mm 2.8 lens. I use Lightroom to edit most of my pictures; I don’t have the most expensive equipment so i have to work with what I have.

Does any of your art have a deeper meaning?

Just individuality is the main point.

I like for my photos to be breath taking.

If my art had a deeper meaning; the only meaning would be it showing my personality something I’ve struggled with growing up because i was teased for being different and weird.

Where do you hope your art will take you?

 hope my photos will take me to either getting an investor so I can have my own studio and grow from their  or my work will take me over seas so i can start shooting globally 

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