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    Drebae Masters The Art of Social Media

    It’s very rare that you meet genuine and positive people in this world, Deandre Clark (popularly known as Drebae) is one of them. Dre is an unapologetic queer and black makeup artist who is never afraid to tell his 79,000+ followers his views about the world. He is known for his witty tweets and hilarious stories. Though the fame has bought him notoriety, he is still just trying to figure out where he fits in this chaotic world.Did you expect to gain such a big following on social media?I didn’t

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    Court Kim Proves She Can Do It All

    Court Kim is many things, a talk show host, creative and model; but she wants to be even more, she plans on world domination. On Her Early Years I was raised in a mostly white area in Roswell, Georgia. It was a good stable area. The only thing I felt was missing throughout my life was my identity. For the longest time I didn’t know who I was, it used to eat me up. Even though I was well liked, I never felt like myself.When you’re living in an area with mostly white people, you assimilate but wh

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    Meet Aaron Philip — The Disabled Model That Went Viral

    With her love for all things fashion and activism, Aaron Philip (@aaronphilipxo), has taken to twitter to share her passion with the world. Hailing from the Carribean Island of Antigua, Philip is a 16 year old aspiring model and creative based in NYC. This POC, physically disabled, non-binary femme, model is ready to take the fashion industry by storm and smash the currently strict and exclusive beauty standards that are held by so many companies today. She is currently a junior in high school,

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    A Teenager’s Take on Love

    In today’s society, everyone is familiar with love. We see it on TV shows, hear about it in songs, read about it, and lucky ones might even experience it. We all grow up wanting to be married and found our perfect match. Some of us even see every person from the other sex as a […]

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    Satan and a Baby

    In this day and age, in 1974, nothing good comes out of being a girl. And a pregnant girl? You’re fucked. Oh, yeah. 98.4 percent fucked. In each way of the word. A boy I think I love might be the father, or maybe the boy who loved my body the night I loved tequila […]



    The Beauty of The Day of The Dead: A Look At Its Origins and Importance

    As Halloween approaches, The Day of The Dead gets increasingly closer. With November on the horizon, hand-crafted flowers, paper chains, and the characteristic altar will start to be made. Origins Mexican culture is a mix of indigenous, European, and African traditions. Just like its people, this beautiful celebration originated from a collision between native people’s […]

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    How YouTube Is Profiting From Tragedy And Transphobia

    We all remember not too long ago when YouTube decided it would censor all of its LGBT+ content. The internet was rightly outraged. There was a half-hearted apology made by YouTube and everybody moved on, hoping that perhaps that would be the end to it, that maybe they would do better- but sadly, that was […]