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Hey, Babe Skin’s Pre-Makeup Oil Review

May 30, 20195 min read

Disclaimer: This product was generously sponsored by Hey, Babe Skin

As a person with oily skin especially, on my T-zone area, makeup seems to be out of the question despite having a deep infatuation with beauty products. Why? Well, due to the excessive sebum production on my face, my skin would appear oily even with makeup on just after 2 to 3 hours post makeup application and this results in makeup not staying for too long on my skin especially, on hot and sweaty days.

This was my dilemma until I’ve found Hey, Babe Skin’s Pre-Makeup Oil, a specially formulated beauty product that helps in reducing oily complexion by 30% to 50%.

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At first, I thought that this product would make my skin appear oilier than usual as it literally has the word ‘oil’ in it. However, this claim could be completely refuted as it does not only reduce my oily complexion but it also makes my skin smoother and softer after my first usage!

The best part about this product is that it could be used both as a skincare product and as part of your daily makeup regime as a primer. The pre-makeup oil is cruelty-free as it’s derived from natural ingredients and it was not tested on animals. This product consists of safflower, grapeseed, cannabis, and pumpkin which helps reduce oily skin by calming the excess production of oil sebum, evening primrose which combats thick sebum, scaly, dull and acne-prone skin and goat nut which regulates sebum production.

Well, with this product by your side, I guess that you wouldn’t have to use many types of beauty products for various purposes as this pre-makeup oil does the perfect job for your skin especially in terms of protecting the skin from free radicals while nourishing and slowing down the process of collagen and elastin breakdown. With the presence of pomegranate, marajuca and rosehip oil, you would never have to worry about the aging signs of your skin and frequent acne breakouts. The presence of all these ingredients makes this product safe to be used by people of dry skin too. However, I would recommend doing a patch test on your skin first if you have sensitive skin issues before using this product for fear of irritation as this product contains Pelargonium Roseum oil.

The method of usage is quite flexible but to start with, here are some ways of usage that would leave you with optimal results.

With Makeup:

Add 1 drop of Hey, Babe Skin’s Pre-Makeup Oil to your foundation and mix it well. Then, apply it all over the skin.

With Skincare:

Massage your skin gently using 1 drop of Hey, Babe Skin’s Pre-Makeup Oil before applying your trusty moisturizer.

Before Sleeping:

Massage your skin gently using 2 to 3 drops of Hey, Babe Skin’s Pre-Makeup Oil after applying your trusty moisturizer.

After using this product for about a week, I’ve noticed a prominent change in the pigmentation spots on my skin. They’ve become much lighter, and it was as if my breakouts did not happen at all. My oily complexion is completely even right now and applying makeup to my skin is no longer a hustle. It’s moisturizing and quick drying all at the same time so, for those who are frequently on-the-go, this product is definitely for you. It would even leave your skin with a healthy and natural glow.

In essence, Hey, Babe Skin’s Pre-Makeup Oil is a huge savior for your skin as it heals and helps your skin and yourself to gain a great level of confidence. For more information on Hey, Babe Skin and their Pre-Makeup Oil, log onto their website or you could even get the latest news and product updates via their Instagram page.

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