Dos and Don’ts for Panic! Fans Seeing Brendon Urie on Broadway

Panic! At the Disco frontman Brendon Urie made his Broadway debut as Charlie Price in Kinky Boots on May 26 at the Al Hirschfeld Theater. Following his performance, many fans flooded the stage door with the hopes of meeting or simply getting a glimpse of the rock star, some even leaving early to get a spot. If you’re a fan of Panic! and plan to attend Kinky Boots, here are some tips on what to do and what not to do:

1. Don’t leave the show early

Leaving any Broadway show early is pretty disrespectful. I’m guilty of it myself (but I’ve left right after the last cast member takes their bow, not before bows even start, not that it’s any better). With Brendon’s debut, there have been more and more reports of fans leaving before or during bows, or even a few songs early.

Leaving the show early is rude to the cast, crew, and creative team. It disrespects the art of the show and disrespects everyone involved in the show, so please try your best to avoid doing so.

2. Put your phone away

I have seen many tweets about fans having their phones out to take photos and/or record Brendon’s performance, but a Broadway show is not a concert. Many (in fact, most) theaters have a policy against cell phones, saying that use of one for audio/video recording can result in ejection from the show without refund, and even get you banned from the theater. I have been to theaters before where people caught using a cell phone, even if it wasn’t to record, would get a flashlight shined on them until they put it away. Please, save yourself (and everyone else around you) the headache and shut your phone off while the performance is happening.

3. Be respectful when at stage door.

If you attend a Kinky Boots show (or any show, for that matter) please be respectful to the entire cast, not just Brendon. Brendon is not the only person in the cast. If the cast does come out to meet fans, have them sign your Playbill and thank them for signing it, as well as for their performance. Being kind and respectful to everyone involved costs nothing.

4. Be courteous to those around you

As you probably know, kindness goes a long away. I have been pushed and shoved against stage door barricades by people trying to meet the cast — just like people push at concerts. It’s not enjoyable for anyone involved to be packed in like sardines against the metal barrier, so please try not to push.

Also, there will be some people that end up so far back in the crowd they won’t end up having a chance to meet anyone. If this happens, be generous and ask people behind you to pass up their Playbills if they want them signed. I am sure the actor/actress will be more than happy to sign them for you, and then you can just pass them back to their rightful owners.

5. Enjoy the show!

Broadway shows are unforgettable and truly an amazing experience, so don’t forget to have fun and enjoy it!

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