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‘Once On This Island’ Is a Broadway Must-See

July 20, 20183 min read

Whether you love Broadway plays or not, Once on This Island is a show you need to see.

Sure, it’s not as well known as bigger Broadway shows such as Hamilton or Wicked, but it deserves just as much recognition – I’m here to tell you why.

Recently nominated for eight Tony awards (and winner of one), Once on This Island follows the story of a young woman named Ti’Moune. It has a Romeo and Juliet vibe associated with it, as it follows a romance between Ti’Moune and a man named Daniel, who are from different parts of the island. Their cultural differences are a big part of the storyline. However, it’s different from the typical “star-crossed” lovers troupe as it also deals with themes like the Gods (and the role they play), family and especially culture.

Not intrigued yet? Once on this Island doesn’t stand out just because of its storyline.

It’s in the Circle in the Square theater, which is exactly what this stage is! The seats wrap around the entire stage. And what’s even cooler? The stage is a beach. It’s covered in sand. There’s even a moat on stage. People in the front row get to have their feet in the sand and are practically immersed in the world. However, you don’t have to be front row to be apart of the experience; characters constantly run up the aisles and play their roles right in front of your eyes!

The entire show is about an hour and thirty minutes and has no intermission. But trust me, no break is needed during this show. You’ll be so immersed in the characters and the storyline that the show will be over before you know it.

The cast is also full of amazing and talented people. If you visit stage door after the show, you’re sure to see a few friendly faces. I personally met Tamara Gray (who plays Papa Ge, demon of death), the incredible Lea Solanga (who was in Miss Saigon, Les Miserables, and the singing voice of Mulan. Sadly, she’ll be leaving the cast of Once on This Island on June 24th), and my personal favorite cast member, Isaac Powell. He plays the role of the gorgeous Daniel, Ti’Moune’s love interest throughout the play. He’s not only extremely talented, but also biracial and LGBTQ+ (and a huge advocate for LGTBQ+ rights.)

As mentioned before, this show was nominated for eight Tony awards and took home the win for ‘Best Revival.’ The cast also performed at the award show. You can see their amazing performance below.


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